University Administration

Academic Affairs - Provost Mark Byrnes

The mission of the Division of Academic Affairs is to provide quality academic programs consistent with the University's mission. To accomplish this mission, the Office of the University Provost provides leadership and management to support instruction, research, public service, institutional effectiveness, international affairs, and student success.

Business and Finance - Vice President Alan Thomas

The Division of Business and Finance  is responsible for the management of University fiscal, physical and human resources, which include 109 buildings located on 466 acres. Our employees provide service and support to over 22,000 students and more than 2,500 faculty and staff.

Information Technology - Interim Vice President Yvette Clark

The Information Technology (IT) Division through strategic planning, innovation, technical leadership and direction supports the University’s mission of instruction, research and outreach.

  • Center for Teaching & Technologies
  • Enterprise Application Services
  • Technical Services
  • Client Services & IT Business Operations

Marketing and Communications - Vice President Andrew Oppmann

The Division of Marketing and Communications is responsible for University marketing, advertising, branding and promotions. The division produces magazines, as well as videos, television and radio commercials and programming; and it generates content for social media, the University’s primary website and its news site. And it serves as a liaison and resource for outside media; produces the University’s major public reports; and assists the Office of the President with messaging and campus communication.

Student Affairs - Vice President Deb Sells

The Division of Student Affairs, Enrollment and Academic Services at MTSU provides essential programs and services which support the matriculation, academic achievement, personal development, and quality of life of all MTSU students.

University Advancement - Vice President Joe Bales

The Division of University Advancement is responsible for forging, maintaining and furthering the University’s relationships with alumni, donors, corporate partners and government officials, all of who are vital in supporting MTSU’s efforts to help our more than 20,000 students achieve their goals.