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Frequently Asked Questions-Purchasing Card

*Is this an allowable P-Card purchase?
• Check the Allowable-Unallowable Purchase Guide
• Call or Email - Ann Lee Whitefield, P-Card Compliance, 615-898-8813,

*How do I close my P-Card account?
• Cardholders must complete the following steps to cancel the P-Card and close the account:
1. Complete the Change in Cardholder Status Form.
2. Return the P-Card and the Change in Cardholder Status Form to P-Card Compliance; CAB 106.
3. Advise your approver where the P-Card records will be retained in accordance of University Policy.

*Who would I contact if my card is declined at a vendor checkout?
• Call or Email Demetra Majors, Procurement Services, 615-898-5437,

*How long am I required to keep my P-Card receipts?
• 5 years – not including the current fiscal year.
• Keep all bank statements, original receipts, support documents, and any P-Card compliance reviews.

*Which food form do I need? Do I need both?
• The Food Payment Authorization Form is always required for ANY food or drink purchase made with the P-Card.
• The Application to Bring Food on Campus Form is an additional required form when food is purchased for a meal and an off campus vendor is being used.

*What do I do if my card is lost/stolen or fraudulent charges appear?
• Contact Demetra Majors, Procurement Services, 615-898-5437,
• Notify your approver.
• Notify SunTrust Bank using the number on the back of your P-Card.
• Complete the P-Card dispute form.

*What happens if I lose my receipt or did not receive a receipt from the vendor?
• First contact the vendor for a duplicate receipt.
• If a duplicate cannot be obtained, complete the P-Card Replacement Receipt Form.

*Can I use my P-Card for memberships and subscriptions?
• NO. Original or first time membership and subscriptions may not be purchased with the P-Card.
• Renewals for these services may be purchased with the P-Card IF you have a copy of the original membership/subscription application. Susan Harris with accounting services can assist in locating this original form, 615-898-2176,

*Can I purchase office supplies with vendors other than Staples?
• NO. Staples is the MTSU contracted vendor and all employees must utilize this contract as our primary source for office supplies.
• EXCEPTION: If a lower price is found or if a product is unavailable at Staples, then it may be purchased with a different vendor if documentation supporting the purchase is retained with the purchase receipt.

*I accidently made a personal purchase with my P-Card. What do I need to do?
• Notify Ann Lee Whitefield, ext. 8813 or concerning this transaction and complete these steps.
1. Complete the Reimbursement Form.
2. Pay the reimbursement at the cashier’s window in the One Stop Bldg.
3. Send a copy of the reimbursement form, reimbursement receipt, and the original purchase receipt to
4. Retain all original documentation in your P-Card file.

*What if I am charged sales tax on a purchase using my P-Card?
• Contact the vendor and try to recover taxes.
• Upon request, Accounting Services will provide the sales tax exemption certificate to the vendor.
• Document all steps taken to recover taxes.
• If the vendor refuses to reimburse the tax charge, provide a written explanation to retain with the receipt.

*What types of travel expenses can I purchase with my P-Card?
• Only conference registrations and airfare purchases are allowed on the P-Card.
• Contact Gayla Wilson, 615-898-2172 or Tamala Pincheon, 615-898-2941, or email with travel related questions.

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