600-699 Business and Finance

policy number policy name
600 Approval of Agreements-Delegation of Authority/Signature Authorization
605 Reports of Expenditures by the President
606 Assignment of Motor Pool Vehicle to the President 
607 Expenditures for University-Owned Residence of the President
608 Taxability of Employee Benefits
610 Reporting and Resolution of Institutional Losses
611 Financial Performance Review
612 Debt Management
615 Budget Principles
616 Budgetary Accounting Controls
617 Allocation of Maintence Fees for University Athletics
620 Campus Master Plan
621 Facilities Planning and Design 
622 Acquisition and Disposal of Real Property
623 Lease Standards 
630 Procurement and Contract Policy
631 Procurement and Contract Standards
632 Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program
635 Deposit and Investment of Funds
636 Cash Receipts and Deposits
637 Cash Purchases and Petty Cash Funds
640 Payment of Student Fees and Enrollment
641 Student Fees-Incidental Charges and Refunds
643 Educational Assistance: Veterans' Dependents Program, State Retirees, Disabled, and Elderly Persons Programs
644 Installment Payment Plan
645 Defaulted Student Loans
646 Collection of Accounts Receivable
650 Identity Theft Prevention
651 Safeguarding Nonpublic Financial Information
652 PCI DSS Information Security
655 Auxiliary Enterprises-Classification and Operation 
656 Athletic Tickets and Admissions
657 Payrolls
658 Travel
659 Gifts, Prizes, and Awards
660 Membership and Subscriptions
661 Food and Beverages
663 Education Abroad Financial Procedures
664 Research Participant Payments
665 Cost Transfers Guide for Sponsored Project
667 Wireless Telephone and Data Service
668 Unclaimed Property Uniform Disposition
685 Disposal of Surplus Property
686 Equipment/Movable Property Inventory Control
687 Motor Pool Services
688 Sustainable Campus Fee Program