200-299 Academic Affairs - Institution and Faculty

Policy Number Policy Name 
201 Academic Freedom and Responsibility
202  Faculty Definition, Roles, Responsibilities, and Appointment Types
203  Faculty Development
204  Tenure
205  Promotion of Tenured and Tenurable Faculty
206  Tenure and Promotion Appeals
207  English Proficiency - Faculty
208  Determining Faculty Workload and Instructional Staffing
209  Post-Retirement Service Program for Tenured Faculty
210  Emeritus Status
211  Misconduct in Research and Other Scholarly Activity
221  Faculty Compensation during Summer Session
222  Adjunct Faculty Compensation
223  Faculty Compensation for Teaching Credit Courses as an Overload
224 Employee Compensation Charged to Sponsored Projects 
225 Appointment of Graduate Assistants
251 Approval of Academic Programs, Units, and Modifications
252 University Catalogs
253 Permanent or Semi-Permanent Off-Campus Instructional Facilities
254 Distance Education
255 Inter-Institutional Relationships
256 MTSU Articulation with Community Colleges within the Tennessee Board of Regents System and the State Universities
257 Components of Articulation Agreements
258  Criteria for the Evaluation of Bureaus, Centers, and Institutes
271 Education Abroad 
272 Faculty and Academic Staff Abroad
291 University Bookstore/Textbooks, Course Materials, and Course Supplies
292 Calendar Conversion
293 Educator Preparation Program Standards Identified by the State of Tennessee Operational Guidelines
294 Credit Hours