656  Athletic Tickets and Admissions

Approved by President
Effective Date: June 5, 2017
Responsible Division: Business and Finance
Responsible Office:  Business and Finance
Responsible Officer:  Associate Vice President, Business and Finance

I. Purpose

This policy establishes financial control of all Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU or University) athletic events held on the MTSU campus.

The gate receipts from athletic events are an important source of revenue for MTSU's intercollegiate athletic program. The admission charges are necessary to generate funds for program operations not currently supported by state funds and student fees. It is necessary to insure implementation of effective means for the control, distribution, and accounting of tickets and gate receipts.  

II. General Ticket Procedures

The number and prices of season and single game tickets for MTSU athletic events are determined by the Athletic Director and approved annually by the athletic committee for approval by the President. The Athletic Department may develop group and other special promotional packages for admission to athletic events outside of the approved annual pricing structure. These promotions will be documented and approved by the Athletic Director. 

Procedures for securing and distributing tickets will follow sound business procedures, including proper documentation, control, and reconciliation.

Tickets for athletic events are ordered by the Athletic Ticket Office. The certified manifest is checked for accuracy as to number and type of ticket printed. This is done by personnel in the Athletic Ticket Office and Athletic Business Office. All tickets are received and stored in the Athletic Ticket Office

The appropriate athletic revenue account is credited for the approved price of the ticket. All persons (age three [3] and above) admitted to an athletic event, for which there is a charge, must present a valid ticket, a valid student ID card, or appropriate MTSU credential for the event.

The Athletic Department and Administration Services will work together to develop a plan each academic year for enforcing admissions control and security. The University Police Department will work with Administration Services and Athletics Department to implement the plan.

III. Complimentary Tickets

All complimentary tickets issued at the request of the Athletic Director must be approved by the President or designee. A list of proposed complimentary tickets is prepared by the Athletic Director and submitted to the President or designee for approval for each ticketed sport. The list should contain the name of the individual who will receive the tickets, or the specified group of individuals being approved, the account to which the cost of the ticket(s) will be charged, the cost, and the purpose of issuing the ticket. The approved list will be sent to the ticket office in sufficient time for the complimentary tickets to be reserved for the appropriate persons. The complimentary tickets are left in a designated area. The authorized ticket recipients must sign for their tickets when they pick them up. Complimentary tickets may be mailed to the receiving party, without securing written acknowledgement, when mailing is the reasonable and practical distribution method.

Complimentary tickets for student athletes will be distributed in accordance with NCAA and conference policies and procedures.

IV. Student Tickets

Students may attend all ticketed regular season athletic events at MTSU by scanning of a valid student ID card. There are designated student sections for football, basketball, and baseball. Students may also purchase student guest tickets for football and basketball. Student guest tickets entitle the recipient to sit in the student section only.

V. Admission Control and Security

No individual will be admitted to an athletic event without a valid ticket, student ID card (see Section IV.), or special pass (see Section VI.). The Athletic Director or designee and the AVP of Administration Services, in consultation with the AVP of the University Police Department, have the responsibility of assuring that there are adequate security personnel and ushers available to maintain a reasonable degree of security and crowd control.

VI. Special Passes

Special passes are purchased by the Athletic Department for issuance to concession workers, game officials, the press, security officials assigned to the events, participating team coaches, and other workers assigned to the event. Individuals receiving passes must wear them, displayed at all times, while in the athletic facility. A listing of special passes issued is prepared and filed for auditing purposes. The list includes the pass numbers, the number issued by category, and the name of the person receiving the pass.

Admission to the President's Box for football games will be by special passes issued by the President's Office. Presidential complimentary tickets for basketball will be signed for as other complimentary tickets.

VII. Discounted Season Athletic Tickets

Employees of MTSU may purchase season football, baseball, and basketball tickets at a discounted price. The discounted price will be approved annually by the Athletic Director and the President or designee. However, this discount does not apply to Premium Seating. Eligibility for this price is from date of employment, and pertains only to the purchase of a full season package. The number of discounted season tickets purchased is limited to two (2) per each employee, and one (1) for each dependent child in the immediate family. In the event that a spouses are both MTSU employees, discounted season tickets are limited to one (1) per employee, and one (1) for each dependent child. 

VIII. MTSU Retiree Season Tickets

Employees retiring after July 1, 2008 are eligible to purchase tickets at the current MTSU employee rate. The employee discounted rate does not apply to Premium Seating. Human Resource Services will provide a listing to the Athletic Ticket Office of all retirees who are eligible for discounted tickets under this policy.

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