Virtual Jones College Orientation & Advising

Fall 2023 Transfer Students

New MTSU fall students must complete these steps before registering for Fall 2023 classes.

  1. Complete CUSTOMS Online.
  2. Clear any registration holds.
  3. Sign up and attend a Virtual or in-person CUSTOMS session. Advising and course registration take place during these sessions.
Review this information before your advising session.

Jones College Virtual Presentations

These presentations prepare you for your CUSTOMS advising session and include information about business majors, the Jones College Admission Policy and how to read your advising materials.

Confirming your Major & Major Changes

We are excited that you’ve chosen a major in the Jones College of Business. Review these videos to learn more about your program of choice. If you are interested changing your current major to one within the Jones College, please discuss this with an advisor during your registration session. 

Advising Appointment Preparation & Technology

Before your advising session or appointment, log into your PipelineMT account and remember your Username and Password. You will need these for your advising session.

Before your virtual advising appointment, review your advisor email and all attached documents. Set up your MTSU Zoom account and test your audio and video.

Course Registration & PipelineMT

Your advisor will confirm your course registration time either via email or during your virtual advising appointment. Refer to your CUSTOMS ONLINE account if you need to review the step-by-step PipelineMT tutorial prior to course registration.

BAS Building Tour, MTSU BlueID, Parking Permits, & Social Media

Most of your business courses and our advising office is located in the Business and Aerospace Building, otherwise known as the BAS. Take a virtual tour before you start your courses.

Your BlueID is your MTSU photo identification card. Students can now get their Blue ID using the online portal.

Upon payment of all registration fees, students are eligible to receive a residential or commuter parking permit: Parking and Transportation Services 

Stay connected with MTSU, Jones College and your classmates.