School of Concrete and Construction Management

Welcome to the School of Concrete and Construction Management.  We are glad you are here!

We invite you to explore our building and learn more about Concrete Industry Management and Construction Management.  We have several iconic design features that enhance student learning and allow us to share our love of concrete and construction systems with the public.  Throughout the building you will find QR codes that link to explanations and descriptions of several iconic features of our building.  We also have provided information on our many industry partners that donated generously to the creation if the spaces you will see as you walk through our building. 

The Virtual Tour and QR code tags were sponsored by the Associated General Contractors of Middle Tennessee.   We appreciate their support for this project.  Please stop in to SCCM 101 to speak with Brittany Thomas to find out more about our undergraduate degree programs in Concrete Industry Management Production Sales and Service, Concrete Contracting, Commercial Construction Management or Land Development and Residential Building.

The faculty, staff and students of SCCM thank all of our industry partners for their support of our programs, and a special thank you to Hoar Construction and Orcutt and Winslow Architects for their assistance in developing the QR Code Virtual Tour

Concrete Finishes

The SCCM Building utilizes a number of architectural concrete finishes including polished floors with blue and white aggregate chips in the main lobby, burnished concrete block walls in the main corridors, integral black dyed exterior precast panels, board form exterior precast panels, sandblasted exterior precast panels, and an artistic mural on a series of exterior precast panels made with laser cut release paper reverse placed in the bottom of the precast form bed. 

Polished floors with blue and white aggregate chips







Burnished concrete block walls







Integral black dyed exterior precast panels


























Artistic mural on precast panels








Topping Out Ceremony Signed Beam

At the top of the atrium behind the ductwork is a structural steel beam signed by university officials, faculty, staff and students from SCCM, the designers, construction managers, and skilled trade workers on the project.  After signing, the beam was hoisted into place in a celebration of the completion of the structural elements of the building.  Placing the final structural member is called a “Topping Out Party” 

Topping out










Structural Systems

The SCCM building utilizes four different structural systems that have been left exposed throughout the building so that students can see the different systems and understand the assembly and connection sequences.  The four types are:

  • Reinforced cast-in-place concrete walls visible in the main lobby and atrium
  • Load bearing concrete masonry units with reinforced grout filled cores, visible in the corridors
  • Hollow core precast plank floors that span between the block walls, visible in the concrete labs. The planks are sprayed with an acoustic treatment on the bottom (the ceiling in the concrete labs) and a polished concrete topping slab on the top (the floors of the second floor corridors and classrooms in the east half of the building)
  • Structural Steel frame with composite deck and roof deck visible in Room 101 (structural steel columns and beams, open web bar joists, and metal roof deck) and in open ceiling out side of Rooms 228 and 229 (structural steel columns, beams and purlins with composite steel deck covered with 5 inches of concrete

Concrete Maturity Scanners

The builders embedded concrete maturity scanners in the grout-filled cores of the concrete block walls so that students can view the temperature and imputed strength of the grout as it cures.  The lead wires are visible in the corridor outside of classrooms 102 and 104.  The maturity monitor can be attached to the wires to get current maturity estimates, an example of which is available at MTSU-SCHOOL-OF-CONCRETE-AND-CONSTRUCTION-MANAGEMENT_CMU-GROUT_2023-02-01 (1).pdf 

Building Footings

The weight of the building and all of the applied loads from equipment and occupants must be transferred into the soils below ground.  The footings and foundations that transfer these loads are made from cast-in-place reinforced concrete with admixtures (chemicals) to make them less susceptible to freeze/thaw cycles and corrosive chemicals and minerals in the rocks and soils.  A section of the footing is visible next to the building near the outdoor classroom.

Monolithic Concrete Monument Stair

The main stair in the atrium is made of reinforced cast-in-place concrete that was cast monolithically (all at once) so there are no visible joints in the treads of landings of the stair.  A section of the steel reinforcing grid is visible on the underside of the stair riser near the windows of Room 104.

Mechanical Room Windows

In most buildings, the mechanical room is hidden, but the mechanical room at SCCM has viewing windows so that students can observe the operation of the building systems.  Visible from the first floor corridor on the west end of the building, students can see the boiler that heats water to heat the rooms in the winter, the intake pipes from the central chiller plant that chills water to cool rooms in the summer, the booster pump that creates water pressure for domestic use (sinks, water fountains, etc.), the hot water heater that delivers hot water to sinks, the expansion tanks that allow for pressurized water systems to remain at a near constant pressure, and the fire pump that keeps overhead sprinklers flowing in case of a fire emergency.  The domestic water pipes, heating and cooling loops, fire protection sprinkler loop, rain water leaders, and wiring for power, light and low voltage systems are visible in the open ceilings in many places throughout the building to enhance student learning of building systems.

Exterior Wall Assembly

 The exterior wall assembly is visible through a cut out panel in Room 201.  Students are able to see the exterior structure, the light gauge metal framing, the insulation and vapor barrier that protects the inside of the building from the outside elements

Heating and Cooling Assemblies

In many places through the building, ductwork and Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes are visible through the exposed ceiling.  The hot and cold water loops pass through the VAV boxes to heat or cool the air that is ducted through the box.  The thermostats in each room signal the VAV boxes to put more or less air into the room to adjust the temperature.  The telemetry screens in Room 201 and outside the mechanical room allow students to see the water temperature in the heating and cooling loops, the fan speeds, the flow through each VAV box in the building, and other operational information in the building.  Just tap the telemetry screen to watch the display cycle through the parameters of each building system.

Viewing Windows

Each of the hands-on classrooms (other than the computer labs) have viewing windows to allow students and visitor to observe the projects and experiential learning opportunities that represent an important part of the SCCM Mission- to prepare students to become leaders in the construction industry by understanding safe, cost-effective, productive construction practices and processes while minimizing environmental impacts.

Reclaimed Wood

Construction of the SCCM required the removal of several red oak trees on the site.  As a way of demonstrating environmental stewardship for our students in an ongoing manner, we reclaimed the red oak trees to use on the learning stair that you see just outside the student project lab, the seating area near the main entry, the lattice backdrop in the program office, and the handrails for the stairs.

Green Roof

Another demonstration of environmental stewardship is the inclusion of a green roof visible outside the student lounge area on the second floor.  Green roofs reduce stormwater runoff and reduce the “heat island” effect of traditional roofs.  The roof is covered in shallow rooted succulent plants held in place by trays.  The SCCM faculty, staff and students are responsible for maintaining the green roof, representing another active learning opportunity for our students.


Building Donors

American Society of Concrete Contractors

American Society of Concrete ContractorsFounded in 1964 and headquartered in St. Louis, MO., the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) is a non-profit association developed by concrete contractors, for concrete contractors to provide a unified voice for the industry.

Since its beginnings, the ASCC has grown to represent approximately 760 companies worldwide, providing unmatched support for industry knowledge, best practices, and recognition. Members of the ASCC represent concrete and general contracting firms, manufacturers, suppliers, designers, and other concrete industry professionals.

This powerful organization remains committed to helping concrete contractors improve their businesses and their roles as contractors by providing the tools to grow while providing the highest quality product.

Associated General Contractors of Tennessee – Middle Tennessee Region

Associated General Contractors of Tennessee – Middle Tennessee RegionThe Associated General Contractors of Tennessee the leading, statewide professional trade association representing the commercial construction industry in Tennessee.  We provide a full range of services satisfying the needs and concerns of our members, partners and the industry, thereby improving the quality of construction and protecting the public interest. We are one of 89 chapters affiliated with the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC of America) representing over 27,000 firms nationwide. Our collective voice and clout at the national, state and local level is unmatched by other groups giving us a clear advantage in advocating policies and programs to protect what is in the best interest of member firms and the industry. 

We have locations across the volunteer state.  Our Chapter Headquarters is located in Nashville, TN, along with four Branch Offices dispersed throughout the state: West Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, Knoxville, and Tri-Cities.

Bayou Concrete

Bayou ConcreteBayou Concrete is a leading supplier of concrete solutions from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Mobile Bay and the Florida Panhandle.

Since 1927, Bayou Concrete has a rich history of serving customers in commercial, industrial, infrastructure and residential markets. Our portfolio of projects illustrates this record.

Our team delivers large, technical construction projects as well as commercial and residential work. Our array of fixed production sites is enhanced by portable plants for on-location concrete manufacturing. From high-rises to highways to house slabs, whatever your project, Bayou delivers quality concrete solutions that last a lifetime.

Buzzi Unicem USA

Buzzi Unicem USAHeadquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Buzzi Unicem USA is one of the leading cement manufacturing companies in the US. Buzzi Unicem USA, which stems from the merger, early in 2004, of RC Cement (Buzzi Unicem SpA) and Lone Star Industries (Dyckerhoff) serves the Midwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast sections of the country.

The company’s seven cement plants have a production capacity of approximately 9 million metric tons. The company produces cement at its facilities in Cape Girardeau, MO; Chattanooga, TN; Festus, MO; Greencastle, IN; Maryneal, TX; Pryor, OK and Stockertown, PA. Buzzi Unicem USA also operates 34 cement terminals across the country, which distribute its cement products to over 30 states. Buzzi Unicem USA has over 1,400 valued employees, and supplies portland and masonry cement products to ready-mix concrete businesses, highway and airport paving firms, concrete block companies and concrete product firms.


CEMEXCEMEX is a global building materials company that provides high-quality products and reliable services with a rich history of improving the wellbeing of those it serves through innovative building solutions, efficiency advancements and sustainability efforts.

Its U.S. network includes 10 cement plants, close to 50 strategically located cement terminals, nearly 50 aggregate quarries and more than 280 ready-mix concrete plants. CEMEX USA has been repeatedly recognized for its efforts in sustainability and energy management, including earning U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.


CHRYSOFounded in 1942, CHRYSO is the global leader in innovative chemistries and services to enhance the performance of cement and concrete.

We provide our customers – cement manufacturers, ready-mix concrete producers, precast manufacturers, and construction companies – with our expertise in chemistry, formulation and knowledge of construction materials.

CIM National Steering Committee

CIM National Steering CommitteeThe CIM National Steering Committee (NSC) is a national-level, broad-based industry coalition, dedicated to a collaborative process in partnership with CIM institutions and local industry patrons groups. The mission of the NSC is to develop, support, promote and sustain a network of higher learning educational institutions with programs that produce graduates with degrees in Concrete Industry Management. The NSC Board of Directors leadership is comprised of a wide range of companies and organizations, including ready-mix suppliers, admixture suppliers, concrete contractors, engineering firms, research organizations, and trade associations.

Command Akon

Command AkonCommand Alkon offers technologies that automate and streamline all aspects of the heavy building materials supply chain for materials suppliers, haulers, and buyers.

A comprehensive suite of industry-specific solutions combined with employees invested in the success of heavy materials operations and construction projects differentiates Command Alkon as an industry leader and go-to partner.

Command Alkon is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and has offices in locations around the globe.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise SolutionsA full-service electrical firm headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Enterprise Solutions specializes in the construction and design of electrical systems for intuitional, commercial, industrial, and service projects of all types and sizes.

Enterprise’s ability to meet all the owner’s electrical design and construction needs not only affords the benefit of single source accountability, but also provides valuable continuity from the project’s planning phase through completion.

Additionally, Enterprise specializes in meeting the unique electrical requirements of healthcare facilities, which must produce safe, consistent power – both primary and secondary – for equipment with specified wiring controls and access requirements. Our experience ranges from installing electrical infrastructure for all types of structures – large tertiary and specialty hospitals to small clinics, physician offices to medical malls. Enterprise works with the healthcare organization and members of the project design and construction team to provide as much flexibility as possibly to allow for future changes in medical equipment and healthcare delivery.

Euclid Chemical Company

Euclid Chemical CompanyThe Euclid Chemical Company, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of products for the concrete and masonry construction industry in North America. For over a century, Euclid Chemical has developed strong relationships with contractors, specifiers, owners, building materials suppliers and concrete producers offering high quality products and industry leading technical support.

Euclid Chemical provides products and technologies that include: admixtures, fiber, integral color, shotcrete, grouts, repair mortars, bonding agents, adhesives, coatings, curing and sealing compounds, dry shake hardeners, joint fillers, sealants, densifiers, waterproofing, repair and other products. Our leading brands, including Euco, Eucon, Plastol, Increte, Tuf-Strand, Fiberstrand, Dural, Vandex, QWIKjoint, and EucoRepair are known in the concrete industry for innovation and high quality, verified through ISO 9001 certification.

With the expertise to provide complete solutions for every concrete project, Euclid Chemical provides in-house support services including research and development, petrographic analysis, continuing education seminars, contractor and distributor training programs and consultation services for contractors, architects, engineers and owners. Leveraging these strengths, Euclid Chemical is a trusted partner for success in the challenging concrete construction market.

Garrot Brothers Continuous Mix, Inc.

Garrot Brothers Continuous Mix, Inc.A family-owned ready-mix company since 1950, Garrott Brothers Continuous Mix, Inc. is your full service ready mixed concrete supplier. Garrott Brothers has been providing concrete to the Southern KY, Middle TN, and Upper Cumberland TN regions for over 70 years. Whether you are a general contractor, a professional home builder, a property manager, a subcontractor, or a do-it-yourself homeowner, we have solutions to your concrete needs.

Since 1950 the Garrott family has owned and operated the ready-mix business in middle TN. Starting from just 2 mixers, Garrott Bros Ready Mix has grown into a multi plant and mixer operation. We look forward to continued growth and support by leading in the communities that we serve with the same vision created in 1950. With projects ranging from residential, road and bridge construction to large commercial projects, Garrott Bros. has been true to its motto "there is no job too big or too small."

GCP Applied Technologies

GCP Applied TechnologiesIn 2016, W.R. Grace separated into two independent public companies, Grace and GCP Applied Technologies. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA, GCP Applied Technologies has over 50 years of industry expertise and decades of success in creating new product categories and markets.

Our portfolio of construction products includes concrete and cement additives, building materials and technologies that ensure specified quality and enhance business productivity. The world’s most successful architects, producers, builders, and contractors insist on GCP brands and solutions for their construction projects.

GCP is focused on a steadily growing global construction industry. We help our customers solve some of the most complex construction challenges in residential and commercial building, infrastructure, and underground construction.


HolcimHolcim Group operates in around seventy countries, and focuses on cement, aggregates, ready mix, and solutions[buzzword] & products. It is a global partner for major infrastructure projects – roads, mines, ports, dams, data centers, stadiums, wind farms, or electric power plants that require major investments.

The group employs around 70,000 people around the world and reach a combined net sales of CHF 26.7 billion in 2019.[31] The group's central functions had been divided between Zurich and Paris until the end of 2018 but are currently being transferred to the Swiss cities of Holderbank and Zug.[32] The company's research facilities are in l'Isle d'Abeau, near Lyon, France.

Headquartered in Switzerland and listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and on Euronext Paris, Holcim Group holds leading positions in all regions across the globe. The building materials market is driven by massive global population growth, the shift towards city and urban living [33] and the infrastructure, the highways, bridges, hospitals and schools, that growing populations require.

Irving Materials Inc.

Irving Materials Inc.Irving Materials, Inc. has been a building materials producer since 1946 when C.C. “Skunk” Irving began delivering ready mix concrete from Greenfield, Indiana. The company now delivers concrete throughout Indiana, Kentucky, southwestern Ohio, southeastern Illinois, middle Tennessee, and northern Alabama. Irving Materials Group of Companies includes IMI Concrete, IMI Aggregates - which supplies stone, gravel and sand throughout Indiana, E&B Paving - asphalt and concrete paving contractors, and Specialties Company - offering specialized construction solutions for road construction worldwide.

IMI is defined by its commitment to innovation and quality. This innovative spirit has produced hundreds of specialized concrete mixes. It has also led to the development of industry-leading advances, such as the front discharge mixer truck. Our customers know they can depend upon us to meet their unique construction needs. This is one of the reasons customers have continued to remain loyal to IMI Concrete over the years. This commitment to quality has sustained us during the recent economic downturn. While other producers were cutting back on quality control, we revamped and bolstered QC/QA throughout our concrete divisions. Our leadership in innovation and quality has been recognized throughout the industry.

LEE Building Products

LEE Building ProductsIn 1963 LEE Building Products, Inc started out as a company between friends, Ray Lee and Tommy Nash. The original name of their company, Lee Nash Masonry Products was formed in Frankfort, KY. In the early 70’s, Ray Lee bought Nash’s end of the business which then became LEE Brick & Block in 1975. From that point on, with the help of his 5 sons, LEE Building Products Inc., has expanded it to what it is today with 28 locations and +400 employees across Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana.

In 2006, LEE Building Products became a 100% employee-owned company and in 2021 joined Houchens Industries, Inc. We at LEE Building Products manufacture, sell and distribute an array of products for industrial, commercial, and residential use. We distribute a wide variety of architectural concrete block, pavers, retaining walls, outdoor firepits, natural and manufactured stone. We also sell and distribute many brands of clay brick, natural stone, concrete masonry units, masonry accessories, hardscape accessories and landscape lighting.

Our brand promise is simple; we provide our customer superior service and deliver the best quality product available in the marketplace. By building trusting relationships with employees, customers and vendors, dedication to hard work and investing in our people, production facilities and equipment, we have and will continue to meet the needs of our valued customers and industry standards.

Lehigh Heidelberg Cement Group

Lehigh Heidelberg Cement GroupLehigh Cement Company began as a single-mill operation in Ormrod, Pennsylvania, in 1897. As the demand for concrete increased in the early twentieth century, the company thrived, making us a pillar of the many communities around us, bringing employment and economic benefit to small towns and big cities for more than 120 years. Over the years, a strategy of acquisitions, modernization and increased productivity propelled the company to the position of one of the leading providers of cement in the United States. Coplay Cement, founded in 1872 in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, was the very first producer of Portland cement in North America and later became Essroc Cement Corporation which is now a part of Lehigh Cement Company.

In 1977, HeidelbergCement, one of the world’s leading producers of cement and ready mixed concrete, established a presence in the United States with the acquisition of the Lehigh Cement Company. HeidelbergCement acquired its Canadian operations in 1993 and currently maintains a very strong position in the country with three modern cement plants. Our Canadian cement production facilities, located in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario, are supported by strategically located cement distribution terminals with customers throughout the market area.

Lithko Contracting

Lithko ContactingLithko is one of the country’s largest concrete contractors, earning us the #2 ranking on ENR’s Top Concrete Contractor list for the past four years. Whether it is a small commercial building, a large warehouse or a multilevel structural building, we can build it!

We have experience in placing more than 40 million square feet per year of slabs, tilt-up, and precast. Our expertise in placing and finishing floors to high tolerances in all kinds of weather allows us to meet schedules, quality standards, and cost parameters in a safe and efficient manner.

Master Builders Solutions

Master Builders SolutionsMaster Builders Solutions represents more than 100 years of experience, innovation and expertise in the construction industry, providing advanced chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. Since the early 1900's, the company has pushed the limits of chemistry and convention to develop and introduce products that improve construction in any application.

MBCC Group emerged from the former BASF Construction Chemicals business after its acquisition by an affiliate of Lone Star, a global private equity firm, and started operations as of October 1, 2020.

MBCC Group is one of the leading suppliers of construction chemicals and solutions worldwide and offers innovative and sustainable products and solutions for the construction industry across different sectors, such as buildings, structures, underground construction, new construction, as well as for renovation. MBCC Group is amongst the globally leading suppliers of Admixture Systems and amongst leading players in the highly fragmented Construction Systems market.


MesserFounded in 1932, Messer Construction is a general contracting company that specializes in managing, developing, and performing complex commercial construction serving health care, higher education, industrial, and science and technology sectors. Messer Construction is located in Ohio.

MMC Materials, Inc.

MMC Materials, Inc.MMC Materials is the leading supplier of concrete solutions throughout Mississippi, South Alabama, West Tennessee, and Eastern Louisiana.

Since 1927, MMC has a rich history of serving customers in commercial, industrial, infrastructure and residential markets. Our portfolio of projects illustrates this record.

Our team delivers large, technical construction projects as well as commercial and residential work. Our array of fixed production sites is enhanced by portable plants for on-location concrete manufacturing. From high-rises to highways to house slabs, whatever your project, MMC Materials delivers quality concrete solutions that last a lifetime.

Nashville Ready Mix

Nashville Ready MixOur operations throughout Middle Tennessee supply quality ready mix concrete to the construction industry. Nashville Ready Mix operates 11 fully automated plants and a fleet of over 150+ front discharge ready mix trucks.

Our products are manufactured and distributed using only the highest industry standards, quality, service, and integrity. Nashville Ready Mix will continue to be a dedicated leader using the latest equipment, technology, research, and development available within the industry. Integrity, superior quality, and exceptional service will always be the foundation of our future.

Ozinga Brothers, Inc.

Ozinga Brothers, Inc.Established in 1928 in Evergreen Park, Illinois, as a small coal and coke yard, Ozinga survived the Great Depression and World War II before becoming one of the first ready mix providers in the region. For four generations, we have continuously expanded our product and service offerings to faithfully meet the needs of builders throughout Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and South Florida while holding to our longstanding commitment to provide it all at a fair price.

Today we provide concrete, bulk materials, and energy solutions while offering transportation services through an extensive network of truck, rail, barge, and ship terminals. Perhaps best recognized for our red and white striped concrete mixer trucks, Ozinga is proud to be an American-owned, fourth-generation family business serving the communities where we live, work and play. As our story continues, we will use our principles to build a better future for our coworkers, communities, customers, and country, and make the world better because we were all here working together.

Pine Bluff Materials Company

Pine Bluff Materials CompanyFor 90 years Pine Bluff Materials has produced and distributed high-quality sand and gravel via barge on the Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland River systems. Since opening in 1929, we’ve expanded our operations to incorporate six strategically located distribution yards – earning an impressive reputation for efficiency and dependability along the way. We have always stayed committed to our core beliefs that we are more than just the products we offer. While quality and service are the main focuses to bringing our customers the best experience possible, we always strive to go further and support our communities, our employees, and the environment.

Reece Thomas – Sequatchie Concrete

Reece Thomas – Sequatchie ConcreteSince 1954, Sequatchie Concrete Service manufactured and delivered Ready Mix Concrete, Concrete Block/Hardscapes, Aggregates, and Construction Materials, to our customers spanning from the high ridges of Knoxville, throughout the Chattanooga & Sequatchie Valleys, all the way through the rolling hills, lakes, and rivers of Northern Alabama from Scottsboro - Huntsville - Decatur.

Rogers Group, Inc.

Rogers Group, Inc.Founded by Ralph Rogers, who first began crushing rock in 1908 on the side of the road in then-rural Bloomington, IN, Rogers Group is proud of its long and storied legacy and its wide-ranging impact on the American infrastructure and economy.

Noteworthy projects over the decades include: Oak Ridge, Tennessee (home of the “Manhattan Project” nuclear research); Fort Campbell, Kentucky (home of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division); Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division near Indianapolis, Indiana; Interstate 40 in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Arkansas; and Interstate 24 in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Rogers Group is still owned by descendants of Ralph Rogers, and three of Ralph’s great-grandchildren serve on the company’s Board of Directors today. In 2016, the Board elected Darin Matson as President and Chief Executive Officer of Rogers Group.

Southeast Cement Promotion Association

Southeast Cement Promotion AssociationThe Southeast Cement Promotion Association (SCPA) represents the manufacturers and distributors of Portland cement in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland/DC, Virginia and West Virginia. We are a not-for-profit trade association, affiliated with the Portland Cement Association (PCA), and support promotion efforts of local promotion associations.

SCPA works closely with the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA), the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, and other local and regional associations and their members to provide technical resources for cement-based products.


SEFATom and Jennie Hendrix started Southeastern Fly Ash Company (SEFA) at their kitchen table in Snellville, Georgia, in April 1976, with the goal to recycle fly ash for use in the construction industry. Tom and Jennie founded SEFA on the principles of integrity, honesty, service and hard work. These same principles remain the core foundation of SEFA today. The Company has grown steadily and diversified extensively with each successive decade since 1976 while maintaining its innovative, entrepreneurial spirit. As SEFA expanded to further contribute to customers’ success and environmental stewardship, services were added in transportation, construction, and engineering. Today, SEFA is composed of Fly Ash Sales and Operations, Engineering & Projects, SEFA Transportation, and SEFA Industrial Solutions.

SRM Concrete

SRM ConcreteSRM Concrete is a family owned and operated ready-mix company founded by Melissa and Mike Hollingshead in 1999.

We started Smyrna Ready Mix to service our own concrete needs, because we were not receiving reliable customer service from the local ready-mix companies.

With very little money and three trucks, we built a concrete plant in our own backyard at 4500 Hickory Grove Road in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Within six months of launching the company, other area concrete finishers began ordering.
Smyrna Ready Mix was founded for the purpose of providing superior customer service. Through hard work and the grace of God, Smyrna Ready Mix grew. Our company continues to expand, but our mission to provide every customer with quality concrete and unmatched service remains the same.

The dedication and determination from an outstanding group of Mixer Operators drives the business growth and has allowed SRM Concrete to add more than 5,400 team members in 16 states.

Tennessee Concrete Association

Tennessee Concrete AssociationThe Tennessee Concrete Association – TCA – was formed in 1986 (originally known as the Tennessee Ready Mixed Concrete Association) with the primary purpose of promoting the increased use of ready mixed concrete in Tennessee. Today, we have 38 ready mix producer member companies representing approximately 70% of the annual ready mix production in Tennessee. The TCA is organized as an IRS 501 C (6) non-profit trade association.

The association is governed by a Board of Directors elected annually by the membership. The board includes eight ready mix producer members, three associate members and one affiliate member representing each class of the TCA membership.

Vulcan Materials Company

Vulcan Materials CompanyVulcan Materials Company is the nation’s largest producer of construction aggregates—primarily crushed stone, sand, and gravel—and a major producer of aggregates-based construction materials including asphalt and ready-mixed concrete. Our coast-to-coast footprint and strategic distribution network align with and serve the nation’s growth centers. We are headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

Vulcan has over 400 active aggregates facilities, and 70 asphalt facilities and 240 concrete facilities, which also consume aggregates. All are in the U.S. except for our two large quarries and marine terminals on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, and Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. The products from this facility are primarily exported by ship to the U.S. Gulf Coast, where quality stone cannot be mined locally.

What we produce is used in nearly all forms of construction. In particular, large quantities of aggregates are used to build and repair valuable infrastructure such as roads, bridges, waterworks, and ports, and to construct buildings both residential and nonresidential, such as manufacturing facilities, office buildings, schools, hospitals, and churches.


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