Clean Energy Initiative

Funding is available for registered student organizations and university departments. The completed project funding request for all submissions requesting project funding from the MTSU Clean Energy Initiative Committee should be completed as applicable to the request and submitted to the Center for Energy Efficiency. Requests may be emailed to, faxed to 904-8093, or mailed to MTSU Box 57.

Clean Energy Initiative Project Funding Requests

  • Funded by a fee initiated by the student body, administered by the Division of Student Affairs, and  with the support of the Tennessee Board of Regents when initiated, the intent of the MTSU Sustainable Campus Fee Program is to decrease consumption on the campus of non-renewable energy.
  • A portion of the fee is designated for purchasing ‘green power’ to facilitate production of electricity from wind, solar power, and methane gas as a clean alternative to traditional energy sources.
  • The remainder of the funds generated by the fee provides support for campus projects that increase or improve energy efficiency on campus, such as retrofitting older systems, lowering consumption and decreasing energy expenses.
  • Projects approved support energy and environmental sustainability.