Ongoing Projects on Campus

  • Micro Data Loggers, portable logging units designed to furnish building performance information, are being used to monitor energy usage in selected buildings on campus as part of a long-term metering plan.  The data is used with Enforma software to organize and analyze the information to track usage and establish an energy baseline.
  • Permanent building meter installation for specific sites on campus is another part of our over-all campus metering project.  With information available from these new meters, information will be used to track results of projects implemented and general campus energy usage.
  • FEDS (Facility Energy Decision System) model software is used to provide energy efficiency resource potential of the facilities on campus. The goal is to gather information on energy systems and use the software for analysis.  FEDS  provides energy simulation information, including the generation of retrofit potential.
  • Utility invoices are audited  to provide a history of energy usage on campus and to establish baseline information to determine the impact of energy efficiency projects implemented.  In the near future, Faser, an energy accounting software, will be used to assist with this assessment.
  • RFP advertised in April 2001, ESPC awarded in December 2001 to Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., Nashville.

Energy Projects on Campus

  • ESPC Announcement - The Tennessee Board of Regents has granted an energy savings performance contract for MTSU. The performance contract, approved by the State Building Commission in October 2001, took effect in December 2001.  The energy service company selected for the work is Siemens Building Technologies, Nashville. The performance contract is approved for three years for up to $5 million dollars in improvements, with options for up to two additional years and another $5 million dollars.  The awarding of the MTSU energy savings performance contract culminates many years of development and hard work. Thanks to the commitment of MTSU administration and Tennessee Board of Regents, and the contributions of several individuals and groups partnered with MTSU, the difficult procurement task is over.  MTSU and the Center for Energy Efficiency are excited about getting to this point and look forward to making improvements to facilities on campus and to reaping the deferred maintenance benefits of the performance contract.

ESPC Projects