Graduate Programs

Student workingThe Department of Chemistry offers a Master of Science degree in Chemistry requiring a thesis based on research in specialty areas of organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, or biochemistry and a non-thesis concentration in Chemistry Analytics in the Masters of Science in Professional Sciences program. Department faculty and students also participate in three Ph.D. programs administered through the College of Basic and Applied Sciences:

The purpose of graduate study is to develop the ability to do research - to learn to analyze applied and basic problems that society faces today. The mechanism to achieve this goal is thesis research in which you, as a graduate student, work in close association with a graduate faculty mentor on a research project of interest to both of you.

Snapshots of a graduate degree in the chemical sciences:

Masters Programs Doctoral Programs

Graduates from our program have enjoyed successful careers with employer's such as the Tennessee Department of Health, Eli Lilly Inc., Vanderbilt University and Oak Ridge.

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