Pre-Professional Interviews

The Advisory Committee will forward a Composite Evaluation (Recommendation) for you to each professional school to which you plan to apply. The Composite Evaluation is compiled from individual evaluations by MTSU faculty members.

It is important that you schedule a date to be presented to the Advisory Committee to coincide with the date you plan to submit your application to professional school(s) application deadline date. It takes about two weeks to get individual evaluations distributed to faculty and received back in the office, so keep this in mind when scheduling your date of presentation. To be eligible for a presentation your Advisory Committee Presentation Folder must be complete prior to the scheduled date of presentation. Your completed folder will consist of: 1) Three to five individual evaluations; 2) Transcript(s) of all college work - MTSU and transfer; and 3) Information sheets.

Please see the Coordinator, Pre-Professional Health Science Advising in KUC 316 to schedule a Pre-Professional Interview.