Leadership Development and Strategic Planning

The effectiveness of your organization is directly dependent on the effectiveness of your leaders. Strategic planning is vital in clarifying where your organization is going and how you are going to get there. More often than not, leaders are the ones who make strategic plans for the future. Therefore, these two topics and the relationship they share are of vital importance to the success of your company.

Leadership development can take a number of different forms, from an executive retreat to one-on-one coaching. Similarly, strategic planning is highly individualized to each organization and cannot be addressed with just one approach. Because of the variety of these topics, COHRE carefully customizes our approach to fit the specific skills and needs of your organization.

COHRE facilitates building a strategic plan for an organization by using an approach that has been proven effective and tailoring it to fit the unique characteristics of your company. Specialized leadership development is created by researching a competency model tailored to meet your company's employment niche, then uses individualized assessments for each participating leader. These assessments enable us to customize the leadership development even further, to address particular styles of management or personality type that an individual espouses. All of this is designed to create the highest possible application of material learned to real-life settings.

Do you know what your organization will be doing in a year? How about three or five years? Developing a strategic plan will help you to stay on track for the future. A good plan states a goal, but a great plan also includes action steps on how to reach that goal. Whether you are facing the need for a transformation and improvement or you just want to be sure your organization is heading in the right direction, COHRE can help you to create an effective strategic plan.

We will work with your organizational leaders to develop future goals, and then we will help to create more detailed steps that will help you to make progress toward your goal within the desired timeframe. We offer different formats for developing a strategic plan to make it easier for you to meet the demands of your organization, including a leadership retreat or focus groups. The end result of developing a strategic plan for your organization is a detailed blueprint on how to be successful.

Leaders steer organizations toward meeting future goals - are they steering your company the right way? Strategic planning and leadership development combine to create the best possible path to your success. A great leader and a great planner will greatly affect your organization's outcomes.