Speak with the student privately. Document all conversations. As you deem necessary or as required by institutional policy, forward the documentation to the appropriate office or the Student Assistance Coordinating Committee (SACC). At MTSU, students of concern may be reported to the SACC by contacting Dr. Mary Kaye Anderson, Interim Director of Counseling Services, at 898-2670.

  • Let the student know that you think that they may be feeling down and, if possible, that you would like to help.


Report to a counselor or the Student Assistance Coordinating Committee any instance in which a student confides in you that she/he is considering suicide. Also contact a counselor for consultation and assistance if the student shares other information that is of concern to you (e.g., self harm, harm to others, withdrawing from school, etc).

  • Encourage the student to seek help through institutional or private counseling services.

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