If there is no immediate threat, speak with the student privately. Document all conversations. As required by institutional policy or as you deem necessary, forward the documentation to the appropriate office or the Student Assistance Coordinating Committee (SACC). At MTSU, students of concern may be reported to the SACC by contacting Dr. Mary Kaye Anderson, Interim Director of Counseling Services, at 615-898-2670.

Document each incident of inappropriate behavior. If the student is disruptive in class, she/he may be asked to leave the classroom for the remainder of the period. In such a case, the faculty member should contact the Office of Student Conduct at 615-898-2750 for further instructions regarding the student’s potential return to the classroom.

Express your concern for their behavior, and set appropriate limits for their interactions with you in and out of the classroom.

Contact a counselor, senior administrator, or the Student Assistance Coordinating Committee for consultation and assistance in responding to the student.


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