Welcome to Creative and Visual Services at MTSU

Our mission is to focus on students and the academic goals of MTSU—we strive to present the University consistently, accurately, and favorably to the world. We do this while working to meet your specific communications goals and can bring your mission to life. No matter your needs—from designing a banner, digital sign, brochure; to capturing your event or speaker through photography; or editing and writing–we are ready to help. MTSU has stories to tell. Our professional graphic designers, photographers, writers, editors, and printing professionals help academic and administrative units communicate with your audiences. If you have a project in mind, we can assist you.

Let’s get started! Below is a rundown of services we offer. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, email creativeservices@mtsu.edu; visit us at Fairview Building, Room 130; or call 615-898-2744 to discuss your needs.

Information required for any order:

  • Contact person and phone number
  • Department name
  • Index number for billing
  • Description of job
  • Date needed (not ASAP)
  • Paper specification
  • Bindery or special instructions
  • Delivery instructions

Design / Publication / Editing

Need a digital sign, event poster, name badge, or invitation? Do you have a project that requires multiple types of designed and edited print or digital materials? Let our team help you. Just fill in the online ordering form to get things started.


We’re dedicated to building an extensive library of images for MTSU through our photographic services. You may call on us to provide existing images or take new photos of our beautiful campus, events, classroom experiences, and personnel. A model release form is required for certain advertisements or for minors. To schedule a photo shoot, order an existing image, or ask about pricing, complete this online form.


To place a print order with a print-ready file or to get a printing quote, use our PSP (Print Shop Pro®) online system, a one-stop site for all your printing needs. Log in with your FSA credentials. If you have any questions about PSP, email creativeservices@mtsu.edu. If you are ready to begin, follow this PSP link to start your order/quote.


Our online MTSU stationery ordering system guides you step by step through the process to request business cards or stationery. To begin your order, just follow this stationery link.

Wordmark / Logo

We are often asked for MTSU wordmark and logo files. We’re happy to work with you to make sure your project is within University standards and the file is suitable for your end product. Please look over the MTSU Visual Style Guide (PDF). Once you are ready to proceed, fill out this online form to get the job started.


820 Fairview Ave., Room 130
Box 49