MTSU Photography

We are dedicated to building an extensive library of images for Middle Tennessee State University.

Our professional expertise is at your disposal. You may call on us to provide existing or take new photos of our beautiful campus, events, classroom experiences, and personnel.

CVS is a charge-back area. Our structure allows photography pricing to be very competitive compared with off-campus commercial or studio photographers, which means cost savings to our campus clients.

We charge for the photographer's time at a rate of $50/hour per photographer.

For MTSU clients, the first provision of up to 12 website images can be requested at no cost to the client of record for the assignment if ordered within two weeks of the time the contact sheet is sent. If you elect to have 4-6 web images sent immediately from the assignment, that service will fulfill the image service. Images ordered after that time or beyond that quantity will be provided for a fee. Image requests from the assignment are non-transferrable. Additional services, like lighting kits for instance, also incur an additional fee.

MTSU retains rights to and ownership of all images. Payment to CVS is for the photographer’s time and use of the image, not ownership of the image itself.

Some of the photographic services we provide include

When requesting a service, please be prepared to provide an index number for departmental charges. All personal requests must be paid for in advance and will be charged sales tax.

All University images are copyright-protected and are for one-time use. Images may not be published, reproduced, resold, or manipulated without specific written permission from Creative and Visual Services. Different charges may apply for specific terms of use.

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Box 49