Texthelp's Read&Write at Middle Tennessee State University

What is Read&Write?

Read&Write (R&W) is a reading/literacy program by the company TextHelp. R&W functions as an easy-to-use toolbar which is also host to many helpful study tools, including text-to-speech, predictive writing and dictionary tools.

A graphic illustrating the mentioned toolbar concept and functionality of Read & Write.

Learn more about Read&Write and it's many features here

Interested in Read&Write?

MTSU's Disability & Access Center (DAC) and Adaptive Technology Center (ATC) are proud to offer Read&Write to students registered with the DAC!

Here is how you may quickly get started using Read&Write:

  1. Download the appropriate version of R&W, depending on your particular technology, using the button(s) below.
    Download Read&Write for Mac OS Download Read&Write for Windows
    1. Additonal versions include: R&W for Android, R&W for iPad, R&W for Chrome, and R&W for Microsoft Edge
  2. Complete the installation of the Read & Write version you selected using standard install procedures. 
    1. Please note that a restart of your device may be requested once installation is complete
  3. Reach out to the Adaptive Technology Center at ADATech@mtsu.edu to let us know you'd like to be granted use of Read & Write. We will verify your registration status and then grant your MTSU e-mail address use to the program.
  4. After you've been granted use to the software, sign in to the program using your Microsoft/MTSU account credentials (for example: yourinfo@mtmail.mtsu.edu) to unlock unlimited use of the software's premium features.
    1. Typically, you will be automatically prompted to login after launching the program to unlock all features. If you do need to find the login option manually, it is located under Options > Account. Below is an example illustrating this on the Google Chrome version of R&W:
      A graphic illustrating the R&W sign-in process as described above. This example was taken using the Google Chrome version mentioned above.

Training and Features of Read&Write

Before getting started with using Read&Write, we highly recommend you take a moment to first view the 2-minute video below which highlights many of R&W's core features and shows the software in use:

Looking for more advanced info? Texthelp offers our students a massive amount of readily available training and resources (including fundamentals for each OS version available!) here: Texthelp Traning: Courses. Finally, helpful videos and demonstrations are available on their YouTube channel: Texthelp - YouTube