How to Register for DAC Services

  1. Complete and submit a registration application.
  2. Submit medical documentation verifying diagnosis(es).
    1. Formal documentation (typed, on letterhead, and signed by a medical professional) verifying a diagnosis(es) is required.
    2. Documentation may be uploaded with registration application, faxed, mailed, hand delivered, or emailed.
      1. If you are unable to provide a copy of your documentation, please contact us for assistance.
    3. Documentation will be discarded five years after separation from the university.
  3. Wait to be contacted by a DAC representative to arrange an appointment.
    1. If you have not been contacted within a week, please give us a call.
  4. Attend the appointment. 

Student Voices

MTSU students, James Boehm, Rachael Hicks, Denielle Meyerink, Quinn Howard, and Kaysi Paul recount their experiences at MTSU and offer advice for success.