Earn College Credit While Still in High School

high school students working on class project in labWhat is Dual Enrollment? 

The Program allows high school students to use dual enrollment classes to:

  • Take college classes before they graduate
  • Get a head start on earning college credit
  • Save money on tuition
  • Get a taste of what it’s like to be an MTSU student.

Dual Enrollment Student Handbook

Who can participate?

To enroll in Dual Enrollment students must:

    1. Be a junior or senior in high school
    2. Have completed the ACT/SAT/PSAT/Pre-ACT/Accuplacer and meet the applicable score requirements for course(s)
    3. Have a minimum 3.0 high school GPA (if GPA is below 3.0, an ACT composite of 22 is acceptable) 
    4. Submit all required documentation and $25 application fee

What courses can I take?

MTSU Dual Enrollment students may take any class in which the pre-requisites are met. However, to utilize the Dual Enrollment grant funding, students must take 1000/2000 level courses. 

How much does it cost?

In many instances, there is no out-of-pocket tuition cost to students. This is made possible by a combination of state funding (the Dual Enrollment Grant) and MTSU funding. The standard in-state tuition rate for dual enrollment classes is $176 per credit hour plus a Dual Enrollment Access Fee of $8.80 per credit hour. That's $554.40 for a 3-credit hour course.

Potential costs that students are responsible for, in addition to the $25 application fee, include textbooks as well as miscellaneous course fees (such as science lab fees). For specific cost-related questions, contact the Dual Enrollment office.

Additional benefits of Dual Enrollment

  • MTSU Student ID
  • Access to all campus events (concerts, performances, free admission to athletic events)
  • Access to the MTSU Campus Recreation Center and Walker Library
  • Student discounts at various locations in Murfreesboro/Rutherford County
  • Orientation for students taking courses on campus 

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Student Stories

Madisyn and Chuck Searles on the MTSU campusMadisyn Searles - Independence High School

Madisyn enrolled in the Dual Enrollment program at the same time her father, Chuck, started going back to school. Her class is in digital arts. She said she became interested in that field because of her sister, who is a senior animation major at another university. “We like to draw together, and she really awakened my interest in art,” she said as her dad scrolled through photos of her artwork on his phone. She also gave a shout-out to her digital arts and design teacher at Independence, Stephanie Prewitt, for really stoking her love for art and design. “She really pushes her students to go beyond the assignments,” Madisyn said. “I like using Photoshop to draw, and I dabble in After Effects for animation, and I enjoy all of it because at Independence they make you do it all so you leave there more experienced.”


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