Dual Enrollment Grant 

Dual Enrollment Grant

For complete information regarding the Dual Enrollment Grant, please visit the grant website at TN.gov

  • The grant application must be completed each academic year. 
  • No exceptions can be made to the grant deadline established by the state.
  • The grant is not need-based; any eligible student can receive it.
  • Students must be Tennessee residents for one year prior to enrollment to be eligible.
  • The grant can only be applied toward lower-division (1000-2000 level) courses.
  • The grant can be used during the summer semester.
  • The Dual Enrollment Grant covers the entire tuition of a student’s first five classes.
  • Beginning Fall 2022 – In order to keep receiving the grant after the first semester, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in all college classes taken while receiving the grant.
  • Credit hours and GPA earned in Dual Enrollment classes do not count toward attempted hours and GPA for the HOPE Lottery Scholarship, but may count toward the student’s undergraduate attempted hours and GPA.
  • Beginning with a student’s sixth grant-eligible course, additional grant funding is available at the rate of $100 per credit hour. The student is responsible for the remaining balance owed.


MTSU Dual Enrollment Tutorial Videos

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