Culturally-Centered Program

The MTSU Professional Counseling Program is a culturally centered program. Our goal is to is to help students develop essential knowledge, skills, and dispositions to function successfully as culturally-competent counselors. We strive to attract a diverse group of students who have an allegiance to social justice and to advocacy for equal opportunity for all members of society. To accomplish these goals, information pertaining to diversity is emphasized and infused throughout the curriculum. In addition, the Program has developed and adopted the following statement and competencies: 

 Commitment to the promotion of diversity and inclusion: Cultural diversity exists not only across cultures but within cultures. The College of Education and the Professional Counseling program are committed to providing a safe and inviting atmosphere that acknowledges and values students’ various identities, statuses, and abilities. Additionally, the Professional Counseling program is committed to training students to be sensitive to the ways in which norms and values shape the understanding of ourselves and clients from diverse backgrounds. Successful completion of the program should enable students to develop a cultural lens and orientation by examining one’s own sense of self and others’ identities, beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors. The Professional Counseling program and its faculty are dedicated to the promotion of cultural awareness and competency; therefore, discussions, assignments, and readings will be anchored in a cultural and social justice framework throughout the curriculum. Faculty strive to promote safe, brave, and supportive environments for our students, while ensuring that members of marginalized/minoritized communities can be free from discrimination and harm.


Professional Counseling

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