Wellness Focused Program

The MTSU Professional Counseling Program strives to focus attention on the mental health and well-being of students. To accomplish this goal, the Program has adopted the following definition of wellness: “the pursuit of being at peace with yourself and others through various systems of your life including both your mind and body. As counselors we advocate for wellness not only within our clients but within ourselves and throughout our program all aspects of personal wellness are infused.” 

The Program has adopted a requirement for all students to participate in personal counseling prior to their practicum experience. Before students can begin their practicum, they must fulfill their own personal counseling requirement. This ensures that students have a better understanding of what clients experience in counseling and are able provide the best care possible. Additionally, students are asked throughout many of their classes to create and utilize self-care plans. This ensures that students have taken the time to understand the role self-care has in maintaining personal mental health and well-being. The American Counseling Association provides additional resources here for counselors to help them maintain their own personal wellbeing.


Professional Counseling

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