Disbursement of Aid & Refunds

Disbursement of Aid

The Financial Aid Office begins authorizing financial aid approximately 3 days before your first class begins each term.  This allows the Bursar’s Office to disburse the authorized aid to your account and start sending Financial Aid refunds by Direct Deposits by the start of your classes.  The Financial Aid Office continues authorizing aid each night as new awards are made and other requirements are met.  Some sources of aid have additional requirements that must be met before it can be disbursed.  For example, the Federal Direct Loan program requires Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note be completed before the funds can be disbursed.  You can see missing requirements on your financial aid pages within PipelineMT.

Disbursement of aid for the following programs is based on enrollment in eligible coursework:

  • Federal Aid Programs: Pell Grant, Iraq & Afghanistan Service Grants, SEOG, Teach Grant, Direct Loans
  • State Aid Programs: State grant, Lottery Scholarships, Dependent Children Scholarship Program, Ned McWherter Scholars Program, etc.
  • MTSU Guaranteed Scholarships for First-Time Freshman and Incoming Transfer Students

In general, a course is considered eligible if it is meeting an outstanding degree requirement.  If the course is not required for the degree, then it is considered ineligible.  Refer to Coursework toward Program of Study (CPoS) for more information on eligible and ineligible coursework.

Athletic Scholarships, Honor Scholarships, and Foundation/Departmental Scholarships are not based solely on eligible coursework since they are not subject to the same regulatory restrictions.

Most grant and scholarship amounts will adjust up or down as you add and drop classes through the census date. The census date is typically the 14th day of classes for Fall and Spring semesters. For Summer, refer to the online Registration Guide. You should also always check with the MT One Stop before adding or dropping classes.

Another reason your aid may be adjusted is if your advisor changes your program of study AFTER the semester begins.  If your courses no longer apply to the new program of study, your financial aid may be reduced and you may owe a balance to the Bursar’s Office.  It is VERY important to make any changes to your program of study before the semester starts. 

Beyond your census date, no further increases or decreases to award amounts will be made based on adding or partially dropping courses. However, award amounts may be reduced if you fail to attend all eligible coursework or officially / unofficially withdraw from all coursework.

Financial Aid Refunds

If your financial aid awards are more than your MTSU charges, you will receive a Financial Aid Refund. MTSU encourages student to receive their Financial Aid Refund by signing up for Direct Deposit. This way MTSU can send your refund directly to the bank account you designate and helps you to receive your funds as quickly as possible.