General Education Course Approval Process

Important information about course approval process for the True Blue Core:

We are in the midst of implementing our new gen ed curriculum: the True Blue Core.  We are no longer accepting proposals for our current general education and the procedure listed below is no longer applicable .If you would like to propose a course for the True Blue Core, please contact us at

Approval process for old general education program

Proposals may be submitted at any time during the year. However, for courses to be included in the university catalog for the upcoming academic year, they must be routed to the University General Education Committee for review no later than January 15

Please be aware that proposals take time to move through the system and must have received approval at the departmental and college level before they can be considered by the University General Education Committee. Please allow plenty of time for the approval process. 

IMPORTANT: Faculty who plan to propose new general education courses are encouraged to consult the Director of General Education, Susan Myers-Shirk, and the Chair of the General Education Committee during the course proposal process. Please consult the membership for the name of the current chair.

How to propose a new course for the general education curriculum:

  1. Complete the Course Proposal Form for the appropriate General Education Core Requirement Area (Communication, Humanities/Fine Arts, History, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, or Social/Behavioral Sciences): SEE BELOW.
  2. Launch a New Course Proposal in Curriculog, making sure to indicate that it is for General Education and attaching the form completed in step 1.
  3. After the course has been approved at the department and college level, it will be routed to the General Education Committee and the Director of General Education.
  4. Committee members will carefully examine the proposal.  When the committee meets, voting will take place by ballot, and members must be present to vote.  If the proposal receives a simple majority vote of the entire voting membership, the proposal will then be submitted for discussion to all interested University constituencies.
  5. After considering feedback from the University community, members of the General Education Committee will vote to recommend or reject the new course proposal. Voting will take place by ballot, and members must be present to vote. If the proposal is then approved by a two-thirds majority of the entire voting membership, the General Education Committee will present it as a recommendation to the Director of General Education and to the University Provost or his/her designate for final approval. 

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To download a copy of these instructions, click on this link (opens in a new window): General Education Course Proposal Procedures

Course Proposal Forms