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Fall 2022

  • MTSU presents American ginseng's story on the national mall in American's capital
  • SeedBroadcast interviews IGI member about ginseng
  • Ginseng Board of Wisconsin hosts IGI member at Wisconsin Ginseng Field Day
  • NPR hosts IGI member to tell ginseng story
  • Boring Ginseng Roots and Herbs invites IGI to address growers meeting
  • Collaborations and research update
  • Interns in the lab: Where are they now?
  • Fall growers workshop
  • Ginseng in media


Newsletter Archive

Spring 2022

  • Has your ginseng emerged?
  • Ginseng in the amazing microworld
  • IGI outreach
  • Ongoing research

Fall 2021

  • High temperatures negatively impact ginseng
  • USDA-NIFA grant funding obtained
  • Hiking through the forest yields wild ginseng
  • A visit to the nation's largest ginseng producer
  • Mother, triplets persist in their search

Spring 2021

  • Spring plant scouting: What to look for and how to make a slug trap
  • What’s going on at our wild-simulated ginseng plots
    • Seeds and seedlings in the spring
    • IGI receives weather station for American ginseng experimental plots
  • IGI in the news
  • A 52-year-old gift
  • Meet an impressive family working with American ginseng
  • See which county in Tennessee harvests the most ginseng
  • A call for diseased ginseng plants

Fall 2020

  • Free American ginseng seeds available, ready to be planted this fall
  • MTSU helps ginseng experts map strategies for plant research, production
  • MTSU study explores Tennessee’s international ginseng trade
  • MTSU researchers present ginseng research at state and national conferences
  • Ginseng harvesting trends in Appalachia
  • American ginseng in the media
  • A new book about American ginseng by Dr. James McGraw

Fall 2019

  • New Tissue Laboratory
  • New Raised Beds
  • Cover Story for Chemistry & Biodiversity
  • Presentation at the College of Business
  • Smithsonian 2020 Folklore Festival
  • New Legislative Benefits

Spring 2019

  • North Carolina Ginseng Association Conference
  • New Legislative Benefits
  • New Staff
  • Upcoming Event: Presentation at the College of Business


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