YearQuarterReport Title
19951st QuarterWhy Did the Peso Collapse? Implications for American Trade
19952nd QuarterForeign Direct Investment in Tennessee
19953rd QuarterIntellectual Property in Foreign Markets
19954th QuarterTrading Up: 5 Years of Tennessee Exports
19961st QuarterSpecial Issue: 1996 East-West Trade Conference Keynote Speeches
19962nd QuarterTrafficking in Trade: A Look at Tennessee's Ports
19963rd QuarterTennessee Export Office Joins Global Commerce
19964th QuarterCanada's Share of State Trade Continues to Grow
19971st QuarterDeciphering the NAFTA
19972nd QuarterGet Paid Quickly: Try Forfaiting or Factoring
19973rd QuarterJETRO: Your Gateway to Japan
19974th QuarterIs Globalization Dividing Tennessee?
19981st QuarterEurope's Euro Future
19982nd QuarterTennessee's Stake in Brazil's Financial Crisis
19983rd QuarterA Year of Living Dangerously
19984th QuarterGlobalization and Tennessee's Clothing Industry
19991st QuarterThe Value of Tennessee's Exports
19992nd QuarterMetro Exports Reflect Changes in the State's Export Profile
19993rd QuarterIs Tennessee Sharing in the Foreign Investment Boom?
19994th QuarterImpact of Foreign Exports on Tennessee Counties
20001st QuarterTennessee's Best-Known Exports
20002nd QuarterTennessee's Trade with China
20003rd QuarterNAFTA's Continuing Impact on Tennessee (Part I)
20004th QuarterNAFTA's Continuing Impact on Tennessee (Part II)
20011st QuarterExport Competitiveness
20012nd QuarterTennessee's Economic Stake in a Troubled Region
20013rd QuarterMeasuring Tennessee's Imports
20014th QuarterTennessee's Export Profile
20021st QuarterThe Down Side of Globalization
20022nd QuarterJapan's Troubled Economy
20023rd QuarterGlobalization at the Local Level
20024th QuarterWhere Does Tennessee Rank?
20031st QuarterUpdated Trade-Weighted Dollar Index for Tennessee
20032nd Quarter"Anti-Americanism" and International Trade
20033rd QuarterTrade Wars
20034th QuarterWhere Does Tennessee Rank?
20041st QuarterChina Takes the Stage
20042nd QuarterLatin America
20043rd QuarterThe Falling Dollar
20044th QuarterTennessee's Automotive Product Exports
20051st QuarterSurvey of Tennessee's International Ports
20052nd QuarterCAFTA-DR and Tennessee
20053rd QuarterKatrina; Chinese Apparel Invasion
20054th QuarterKorean Free Trade Agreement? Tennessee's Stake
20061st QuarterRecent Foreign Investment in Tennessee: A Survey
20062nd QuarterCotton
20063rd QuarterTennessee's Exporters: Overview
20064th QuarterTennessee's Exporters: Change in Concentration
20071st QuarterTrade with Canada: A Tennessee Update
20072nd QuarterTennessee and the Dollar: A Suspense Story
20073rd QuarterTennessee Medical Exports: What the Doctor Ordered?
20074th QuarterState Trade with Africa: Recent Growth
20081st QuarterTennessee Whiskey Exports: The New Old Reliable
20082nd QuarterCurrent Foreign Investment in Tennessee: Putting Volkswagen in Context
20083rd QuarterTailwind in a Hurricane: The Falling Dollar
20084th QuarterState Exports by MSA
20091st QuarterTennessee Trade and the BRIC
20092nd QuarterWho's Next in Line? Trade After the Chinese Tire Decision
20093rd QuarterRecent Trends in Trade Adjustment Assistance
20094th Quarter Eight Questions about Tennessee's Trade with China
20101st QuarterTennessee's Imports: A First Look
20102nd Quarter Can Tennessee Double Its Exports?
20103rd QuarterTennessee and FTAs
20104th QuarterSignificant Links to the Middle East?
20111st QuarterWhere Are Tennessee Exporters Located?
20112nd QuarterTennessee: Recent Immigration Patterns
20113rd QuarterWhere the Exporters Are: Trends in County-Level Activity
20114th QuarterCounty-Level Trends in Foreign Investment
20121st QuarterGlobalization — Regional Patterns in Global Success: A Look Across Tennessee Counties
20122nd QuarterCounty-Level Activity— Performance Trends and Changes
20124th QuarterExport Patterns: Tennessee Counties, 1995-2010
20131st QuarterUpdating the Index: Tennessee Trade-Weighted Dollar
20132nd QuarterTennessee MSA Exports: A Comparison of 10 Metro Areas
20133rd QuarterCounty-Level Performance
20133rd QuarterForeign Investment into Tennessee
20134th QuarterTennessee's Export Competitiveness
20141st QuarterMapping Tennessee Exporters
20142nd QuarterEstimating Tennessee Exports in the Face of "Port Bias"
20143rd QuarterInternational Trade Report
20143rd QuarterMapping Immigration: Tennessee's Foreign-Born Population
20144th QuarterInternational Trade Report
20144th QuarterForeign Investment into Tennessee
20151st QuarterTennessee's Auto-Related Exports: Growth & Geography
20151st QuarterInternational Trade Report
20152nd QuarterThe Growth and Geography of Tennessee's Chemical Exports
20152nd QuarterInternational Trade Report
20153rd QuarterTennessee Trade Before and After the Global Crash
20153rd QuarterInternational Trade Report
20154th QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20161st QuarterRecent Trends in the Location of Tennessee's Exporters
20161st QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20162nd QuarterLocating Tennessee Manufacturers That Export
20162nd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20163rd QuarterIn Interesting Times: Reviewing Tennessee's Trade with Mexico
20163rd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20164th QuarterForeign Investment into Tennessee
20164th QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20171st Quarter2017 Tennessee Trade-Weighted Dollar Index
20171st QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20172nd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20173rd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20174th QuarterTennessee Trade Report
2017Foreign Investment into Tennessee
2017Does the Value of the Dollar Affect Tennessee Exports?
20181st QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20182nd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20183rd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20184th QuarterTennessee Trade Report
2018Foreign Investment into Tennessee
20191st QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20192nd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20193rd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20194th QuarterTennessee Trade Report
2019Tennessee in the Trade War
2019Foreign Investment into Tennessee
2019The Impact of Auto Tariffs on the Tennessee Economy
20201st QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20202nd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20203rd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20204th QuarterTennessee Trade Report
2020Foreign Investment Into Tennessee
20211st QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20212nd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20213rd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20214th QuarterTennessee Trade Report
2021Foreign Investment into Tennessee
20221st QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20222nd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20223rd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20224th QuarterTennessee Trade Report
2022Foreign Investment into Tennessee
20231st QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20232nd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20233rd QuarterTennessee Trade Report
20234th QuarterTennessee Trade Report
2023Foreign Investment into Tennessee
20241st QuarterTennessee Trade Report