Direct Deposit Information

There have been recent changes to the payment system rules for direct deposit of payroll. If you receive your pay via direct deposit at a U.S. bank and then have the entire pay amount forwarded by "standing order" to a bank in another country, please advise the payroll department immediately at 615-898-2123. This notification is being made in response to a request from the Federal Office of Foreign Asset Control in support of U.S.C. Title 50, War and National Defense. Note: A dishonest or misleading response to this notification may be considered falsification of records under Standards of Conduct.

To sign up for direct deposit, fill in the blanks, print, sign, and deliver or mail the Payroll Direct Deposition Authorization Form to Human Resources Services (2269 Middle Tennessee Blvd. Sam H. Ingram Building, 2nd Floor, MTSU P.O. Box 35, Murfreesboro, TN 37132).

This Direct Deposition Authorization Form does not set you up to receive student refunds from the Business Office. The Business Office has a separate, online direct deposit process for student refunds. The Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form sets up direct deposit information for all employees: full-time, part-time, and student employees.

Payday is the last work day of each month except in December. December paydays will be December 31.  If December 31 falls on a weekend then payday will be the Friday prior to December 31. Your payment will be deposited into your account on payday.

If you close your bank account, you must complete a Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form cancellation to prevent your money from being sent to a closed account. If you close your bank account within eight work days of payday, please bring ( walk it over, do not mail it) your cancellation form to the Human Resource Services office. On payday, you will be glad you did !!! Unless absolutely necessary, we would encourage you to not close your bank account within eight days of payday. If you must cancel your account within seven or fewer days of payday, the return of your money from the bank must secure before MTSU can issue a replacement check. This could take a few days.

Please call (615) 898-2929 if you have questions.

Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Human Resource Services 

Middle Tennessee State University 
2269 Middle Tennessee Boulevard 
204 Sam H. Ingram Building 
Murfreesboro, TN  37132-0001