Diversity & Inclusion Resources

Middle Tennessee State University is committed to creating inclusive and equitable environments for learning, for building relationships and for getting involved in our community.  MTSU is proud of the diversity of our campus; students of varying ethnic backgrounds, religious traditions, socio-economic status and sexual identity all contribute to the richness of our campus experience.  Students of Hispanic, Asian and African-American ancestry make up about a third of our total enrollment; women make up over half of our population.  International students on the MTSU campus represent the amazing complexity of more than 40 countries, from the Bahamas to Zimbabwe. 

All students on our campus are able to enjoy the experience of learning to work together with others of different backgrounds and perspectives.  Together, we develop cultural competencies that will be essential in the world beyond the classroom.  This site highlights a number of resources that can assist students who want to learn more about diversity, inclusion and equity; who are looking for multi-cultural involvement activities; or who need additional support or information as they enroll, progress, and move toward graduation. 

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