Welcome to Intercultural & Diversity Affairs!

The Office of Intercultural and Diversity Affairs (IDA) was established with the True Blue Pledge in mind as we are members of a “…diverse community”. Intercultural & Diversity Affairs (IDA) exists to make your future university experiences become cherished memories by serving as an information, referral and resource base for the provision of support services to you. Ultimately, we work to provide you with a welcoming and warm environment throughout your journey at MTSU.

Embracing our student’s uniqueness, promoting inclusion, and valuing our campus diversity above all, everyone is welcome to attend and participate in all activities offered by IDA. We are an integrated part of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment and Academic Services and MTSU. Together, to help produce citizen leaders who make substantive contributions to their communities. In a spirit of cooperation, our mutual ends will be achieved.

Our Mission

The mission of the MTSU Office of Intercultural and Diversity Affairs is to promote cultural awareness, understanding and a sense of belonging for all students at MTSU. Additionally, the Office of Intercultural and Diversity Affairs helps the University in providing comfortable, supportive and relevant environments. Finally, the office creates opportunities in and out of the classroom that help students further their life goals and heighten and enhance their academic, social, psychological, cultural, moral, physical and personal growth and development. 

IDA is dedicated to:

  • Creating a "relevant environment"
  • Providing each student with the opportunity to acquire the best education possible
  • Providing each student with the opportunity to graduate to a fulfilling and rewarding career
  • Providing a safe environment for issues related to the LGBT+ population on campus
  • Ensure that international students have the best experience possible
  • Provide comprehensive services and support to international students
  • Create an environment conducive for a smooth transition to the American educational system for international students
  • Develop programming that fosters a social and cultural life in a new and unfamiliar setting

For additional information on MTSU and the Tennessee Divisive Concept Act, please click here for more information.