Application for Access and Diversity Funds


  • Please refer to the MTSU Mission Statement for Access and Diversity.  This is the guideline for the use of access and diversity funds.  Additional information can be found on the IEC website under "Faculty/Staff Recruitment, Development, and Retention Guidelines."
  • To be eligible to apply for access and diversity funds, you must be a full-time Faculty/Staff member who is a female or a person of color.
  • Complete the Dynamic Form application via the link at the bottom of this page.  Once submitted, your application will be sent to your department head and/or dean, and once approved by them, to IEC.  If you are requesting funding for travel, please include a breakdown of travel expenses as well as dates of all travel you wish to be funded. If you are requesting reimbursement (tuition or otherwise), please include receipts in application, or email to
  • If funds are required for tuition/course work at MTSU or another institution, you must be a tenure-track or tenured faculty member, or a full-time, permanent staff member.  You must complete the Faculty and Staff Reimbursement Form.  Please forward the completed form to the IEC office at, or send by campus mail to CAB 116.
  • If using awarded funds for travel, submit a Request for Travel Authorization as soon as possible after approved.  This must be completed prior to travel.
  • All Claims for Travel Expenses will be paid in accordance to MTSU policies (e.g., per diem for meals, incidentals, hotel/travel policies, etc.).
  • PLEASE NOTE: If awarded funds from Access and Diversity funding, all travel must be COMPLETED by June 15th of the fiscal year in which you applied. 
  • All travel claims are due within ten (10) working days after your travel is completed.  Be sure to have all applicable signatures authorizing your travel (department head and/or dean, supervisor, etc.) BEFORE submitting claims to IEC.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted, and claims received without appropriate authorizations will be sent back to you unsigned to obtain the necessary signatures. 
  • Access and diversity funds are dependent on funding on an annual basis.  If available, new funding is received on or after July 1 of each year.  Applications for funds are received from July 1 to May 1 of each year.
  • One request per person per fiscal year will be considered until all applicants have been reviewed.
  • Funds MUST be used in the fiscal year in which they are requested.  If not used in the same fiscal year, funds awarded will be forfeited.  NOTE: If you are traveling across two fiscal years, you should apply for funding for the second fiscal year (i.e., the fiscal year in which you return from the trip).  Please see above for restrictions on when to apply for funding for new fiscal years.
  • Until application is completed and signed by IEC, funding is not guaranteed.


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