How to Add Training Courses and Modules to your CITI Profile?


  1. Once you register for your new CITI account, you will now have to add training courses to your profile so you can complete the requirements. Click here for general information on how to enroll in aCITI course.  For specificMTSU-required training course, follow these steps: 
    1. Click on "Main Menu"
    2. Click "Click here to affiliate with another Institution"
    3. You will be prompted to a search window - enter "Middle Tennessee State University" and click "Next"
    4. Once you select MTSU, then click "Add a Course or Update Learner Groups"
    5. Scroll down to Question 1 in the next window and check "Social * Behavioral Research Investigators"
    6. Respond to Question 2 if you will be collecting health information or you will be conducting clinical research
    7. Respond to Question 3 by checking the appropriate box for responsible conduct of research (RCR)
      1. If working with Biomedical data, you MUST complete Biomedical RCR
      2. If working with behavioral data, you MUST complete Social & Behavioral RCR
      3. If working with physical sciences, you MUST complete Physical Science RCR
      4. If working with humanities, you MUST complete Humanities RCR
    8. Respond to Question 4 on Conflict of Interest
    9. Skip Question 5 when conducting only human subjects research
    10. Respond to Question 6 only if you are an IRB member or you will work with the Compliance Office
    11. Click "Submit"
    12. The selected training courses would appear in your menu
    13. Select the training by clicking on it and you will be required to complete CITI Integrity Assurance Statement.  Once you agree to the statement, you will be allowed to visit the modules.  
  2. Complete all required courses and corresponding modules as shown in the CITI Training Table
  3. In most instances, the Office of Compliance will be able to access your course completion information.  However, be prepared to provide proof of certification if directed by IRB or the Office of Compliance.