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The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is committed to the ideals of a classical liberal arts education, which introduces students to the broader world and helps them craft a framework with which to understand their place in a global society. CLA has identified six strategic fundraising priorities. Please join us in supporting our students, faculty, and programs by donating to one or more of the initiatives below. 


CLA logoYour gift to the College of Liberal Arts Student Emergency Fund provides support to our students who encounter short-term financial challenges. All funds go directly to support student needs such as food, rent, books, and other unexpected expenses that threaten their academic success. Provide support to the CLA Student Emergency Fund by making a donation here.


Explore Your World


Provide Scholarship Support for Education Abroad: Click here make a gift.

 The College of Liberal Arts provides scholarship support for students participating in a faculty-led education abroad program. Awards typically range from $500-$1,000 per student, covering only a portion of the program cost. We would like to increase the award amount and the number of scholarships we are able to award annually so that all Liberal Arts majors will have the opportunity to participate in an education abroad program. Why? An international experience helps students better understand the context in which they will be working, living, and participating as citizens after graduation. Education abroad boost student confidence and deepens critical thinking capacity. Numerous studies link education abroad to both academic and economic success.


Engage Your Mind


Provide General Scholarship Support by Department click here to make a gift

 The costs of higher education continue to rise with declining public support. As students and families bear a larger share of the burden, your support for scholarships becomes critical to our ability to attract and retain talented students. Often, even minimal support can make the difference for a student struggling to complete a degree.


Enrich Your Life


Support MTSU Arts click here to make a gift

 The College of Liberal Arts provides an incredible array of creative works for our community while training students in Art & Design, Dance, Music, and Theatre. Your support for the arts at MTSU allows us to assist students and faculty with productions, provide off-campus opportunities for students, and support faculty creative activity.


Earn a Living


Support Student Internships  click here to make a gift

 Our students often work, many of them full time, while completing a degree, making an internship experience very difficult. We offset part of the costs of lost revenue through our internship scholarship program. The hands-on professional experience provided through our internship programs allows students to pair the classroom experience with experiential learning in the discipline, making them much more aware of the skills they are gaining in their major and better able to articulate those skills to future employers.


College of Liberal Arts

Provide Support for Faculty Awards, Scholarship, Creative Activity  click here to make a gift

 Faculty members are the heart of the Liberal Arts experience. Your support helps us provide awards to the best faculty and staff in the College, support faculty travel for research and creative activity, and support innovation in the classroom.

Support an academic department or research center in the College of Liberal Arts: click here to make a gift 

We'd love to talk to you about how your gifts can make a difference and lend a helping hand. 

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