First Look 2015 Submissions and Selections

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FIRST LOOK is a showcase of some of the best work of the year done by students in MTSU’s Department of Electronic Media Communication (EMC). Submissions are collected from students throughout the academic year. Selections are made by EMC faculty. While this is not a contest, having one’s work selected for inclusion in the festival is definitely an honor and entitles the selected works to bear the official FIRST LOOK laurels. The video presentation is targeted for a duration of approximately 60 minutes and has the dual goals of showcasing a sampling of the best student work while creating a compelling viewing experience for those who attend the screening.

Video selections are based primarily upon how well they can contribute to a positive viewing experience in the one-hour screening. As such, duration, tone, and flow become major factors in the selection process. In many if not most cases, shortened versions of the original film/video productions are typically what make it into the presentation. It is recommended that students consider these factors and submit materials that can stand on their own in short time frames such as one or two minutes.

The official FIRST LOOK presentation is likely to include less-than-complete versions of most of the selections. However, full-length pieces will be published on the official FIRST LOOK Vimeo site along with the one-hour presentation.

Submissions should include primary credits as they should appear with the piece and in the official program to be distributed at the screening.

Video Submission Instructions

Submissions must be completed by 8:00am Friday, May 1, 2015.

To submit files to be considered for FIRST LOOK 2015, follow this simple procedure:

  1. Make sure all submitted files are labeled with the title of the project and your last name. You may also want to include the class title as well.
  2. Please render everything to the highest resolution possible. If possible, also submit films in either a quicktime MOV Format or MPEG-4.
  3. Navigate to the Production Server (RATV.MTSU.EDU) by using the following steps:
    1. On a Mac, either join the MTSU Wifi or use an EMC Lab computer, launch Finder (Bottom left corner on a Mac Dock) and in the Menu Bar, select “Go”, then “Connect to Server…”
    2. Type the server name “RATV.MTSU.EDU” then click Connect
    3. Login as Guest
    4. Select the folder named “2015 FIRST LOOK”, then click OK.
    5. This will mount the shared drive, but will not let you see the inside contents. You can then drag and drop all your files into this folder. Note: Once you submit your files, you will not be able to change them.

For any questions, please email

Photo Submission Instructions

Submissions must be completed by 8:00am Friday, May 1, 2015.

Submit your work to Professor Jonathan Trundle.

Photography selections will be projected as HD TV video images onto the theater screen at the Belcourt screening event.

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