Department of Media Arts

Capture your creative vision

MTSU's Department of Media Arts is the largest, longest-running, and most comprehensive program for creative media production in the state and in the region.

Media Arts’ programs cover virtually every form of electronic or digital media: video, TV, live event production, filmmaking, animation, interactive media, photography, and media management. Each of the department’s five programs offers opportunities for students to discover and develop their unique gifts and talents.

Hands-on learning drives the student experience in this department. This is accomplished through a combination of curriculum, facilities, faculty, and extracurricular activities. The curriculum enables hands-on opportunities for all eight semesters. The curriculum provides flexibility with options in majors, minors, and electives to enable students to customize their educations based upon personal strengths and market opportunities. The department is known for its outstanding facilities such as its 40-foot Mobile Production Lab, five studios of different types, numerous labs, and its well-stocked field equipment checkout system. The faculty is comprised of inspiring and accomplished individuals with excellent academic credentials and deep industry experience. The faculty strives to make sure their students have appropriate skills to land entry-level jobs after graduation and the broad conceptual and theoretical understanding to fuel long-term career success. And to round it out, the department supports robust student organizations that relate to every one of its programs. The department even has its own varsity team for live video production. It all adds up to outstanding real-world, hands-on opportunities for students to learn their craft and launch successful careers in media arts.

The fields covered by Media Arts are in a state of constant change. Some of the department’s recent endeavors include virtual and augmented reality, 3-D projection mapping, giant video walls, 360 degree video production, and the list goes on. The Department of Media Arts is committed to embracing these changes so that it not only prepares students for the present, but more importantly prepares them for the future. Behind the scenes, the department has recently accomplished a great amount of internal change and reorganization to better serve its students. Many will recognize that Media Arts is a new name for the department that was formerly called Electronic Media Communication. The name change is just the tip of the iceberg. There has never been a more promising future or exciting time to be in Media Arts.