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International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

MTAP came from the IAAP organization and many of our members choose to continue participating in this large group. They have many conferences, courses, and a foundation that invests in their members. Our vision of enhancing and advocating for members aligns.

As such, many MTAP members find it beneficial to become a Certified Administrative Professional (CAP). This certification, through IAAP, is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. It showcases those that receive this certification as individuals with an interest in lifelong learning and the ability to demonstrate skills that are applicable and relevant to many current employment opportunities. 

Visit the IAAP website for more information.

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Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)

The CAP, a certification through IAAP, is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. MTSU gives a 9% raise for eligible individuals who pass the CAP exam. This is a ONE TIME increase which applies ONLY to the position you are in when you pass the exam. Review MTSU Policy 809 for more information. 

Those wishing to complete the CAP exam that need financial assistance may complete an application for the CAP Scholarship found on the MTAP website. 

Studying for the CAP Exam

The CAP exam covers the Body of Knowledge outlined in IAAP policy. Earning a certification like CAP takes real-world applicable knowledge, along with learned concepts and theories, and demonstrates to everyone, including yourself, that you know your stuff. Below, you will find resources available to study for this exam. 


Look for these resources at the MTSU Walker Library. 

  • Business Communication Today, Bovee, C. L. & Thill, J. V.
  • The Administrative Professional:  Technology and Procedures, 15th Edition, Rankin, D., & K. Shumack
  • Fundamentals of Organizational Communication, Shockley-Zalabak
  • Procedures and Theory for Administrative Professionals, Stulz, K. M., Shumack, K. A. & Fulton-Calkins, P.
  • Enhanced Discovering Computers, Vermaat, M. E., Sebok, S. L., Freund, S. M., Campbell, J. T., & Frydenberg, M.
  • IAAP Certified Administrative Professionals Study Guide (CAP) 2017

Other Resources

Becoming CAP Recertified

Those who become CAP certified may wish to recertify. A recertification is necessary for those desiring to keep their CAP designation either every three-years or every five-years. In order to recertify, an individual is required to collect IAAP approved "points." There are three categories of points that qualify: 

  • Professional Development
  • Industry-Specific Professional Development
  • Leadership

Note: A three-year certification requires 36 points and a five-year certification requires 60 points for recertification. 

Members keep track of their earned points thorugh the CAP Recertification Portal in their IAAP Profile

You may find more information on how to recertify in the IAAP Recertification Handbook