Students Coming to MTSU

Welcome to Middle Tennessee State University! We are located in the geographic center of Tennessee and hope you will feel at home here.

Admission Materials

You will get your admissions paperwork with instructions in a packet provided by the MTSU NSE coordinator. All paperwork must be submitted, and all fees paid, prior to the deadlines indicated.

Check the email account used on your MTSU Admissions application often and be prepared to attend an orientation. Please contact the MTSU NSE Coordinator, Jennifer Danylo at 615.898.2495 if you need assistance with the process. 

Course Registration

Incoming NSE students register through MTSU's online system called Pipeline once the Admissions process is complete.  For questions regarding access to Pipeline, contact the Information Technology Division Help Desk at 615-898-5435.  A helpful step by step guide to Pipeline can be found here.  

Math Courses

Incoming students who want to take a math course at MTSU could be required to take a placement test unless college level Math credit has already been earned.  Review our placement requirements to determine if a placement test needs to be taken.    

Course Offerings

Meet with your home school academic advisor to plan courses that will transfer back to your home institution. Working in tandem, you can ensure that your coursework meets the academic requirements for major or degree progression.  Get approval for multiple course options, in case first choices are not available at registration. Please note course restrictions and availability. MTSU's NSE coordinator can assist with course overrides; registration at MTSU includes prerequisite checking which may require validation of course completion. The submission of a college transcript provides proof of successful completion of prerequisite course(s) so any course completed prior to current college(s) may need a transcript to be provided as well for registration.

Current course offerings are available in your student Pipeline account or via MTSU's Dynamic Schedule.    

Course Overload 

Students at MTSU are considered full-time if they register for 12 credits.  Eighteen semester hours is the maximum load for a student during any semester while enrolled at MTSU.  


NSE students who participate at MTSU are using Home Pay (Plan B), meaning all tuition and mandatory fees are paid to the host campus.

Mandatory Costs

  • Admissions Application fee: $25.00
  • On-Campus Housing - While there is no “deadline” for housing applications, housing assignment priorities are based on the resident type (new or continuing) and the date of the completed application. Due to the demand for on-campus housing and limited amount of space available, the University is unable to guarantee housing for all students. Early applications are strongly encouraged. 
  • Off Campus Housing
  • Parking Services 

Optional Costs

  • Dining Services - meal plans are only required for freshmen that live in University Housing

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