Outgoing Students

We are excited you are participating in the National Student Exchange (NSE) program, and we know you'll have a great time exchanging at a member institution!

There are a few details to take care of before you begin your travels. And remember, wherever you are going, you will always have a home here at Middle Tennessee State University! 

Materials Required for Departure

Once you have been accepted by the host school, a number of things should quickly happen at MTSU:

  1.  Placement Acceptance For (PAF): The MTSU NSE Coordinator will contact you for an appointment and tell you which placement you've been offered. During the appointment, you will accept or reject a placement decision by signing a Placement Acceptance Form (PAF).
  2. Pre-Departure Orientation: Outgoing students are required to participate in a NSE Pre-Departure Orientation Meeting with the NSE Coorinator and complete the Financial Aid Pre-Screening Form. After the PAF is completed, instructions will be provided on the Pre-Departure Orientation.
  3. Advising Agreement: Once you know what institution you are attending, you are expected to work with your academic advisor to complete an MTSU NSE Advising AgreementAfter it is completed, it must be signed by you, your advisor, your Department Chair, and the MTSU NSE Coordinator. Give copies to your advisor, the MTSU NSE Coordinator, Financial Aid and keep one for your personal records. The original form is filed with the MTSU NSE Coordinator.  
  4. Waiver & Assumption of Risk:  Participation is voluntary, but carries with it certain risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of care taken. A signed Waiver & Assumption of Risk is required.   
  5. Budget: Consider using this Budget/Resource Worksheet to determine your expenses while you are on exchange.  
  6. Direct Deposit: If you anticipate receiving an overage amount from your financial aid, you are encouraged to set up direct deposit with a checking account through Financial Aid.  


Outgoing NSE students are still students of Middle Tennessee State University.

While on exchange, NSE students are expected to:

Please carefully review the links above. You can be held accountable for violations at your home and host schools. For additional questions about conduct while on exchange, please contact the MTSU NSE Coordinator, Jennifer Danylo.  


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