About Us

Our Mission

The mission of MTSU C-UP is to support the development of meaningful connections that share the University’s human, spatial, financial, and knowledge resources for the benefit of all partnership members. 

Our Vision

MTSU will be a recognized leader among public universities in the state and region that emphasize community outreach and civic engagement as integral elements of high-quality undergraduate and graduate education, research, and service. 

Our Purpose

Community and University Partnerships will:

  • Foster relationships between academic programs and communities in support of the University’s mission to generate, preserve, and disseminate knowledge and collaboratively promote excellence through teaching and learning, research, creative activity, and public engagement
  • Advance the University’s vision of MTSU as a community of scholars who create and share knowledge and engage with and contribute to their communities
  • Emphasize, internally and externally, the importance of community and civic engagement and service and learning partnerships
  • Emphasize reciprocity, internally and externally, as a defining element of community-university partnerships
  • Assist faculty, students, departments, and colleagues in identifying partnership opportunities, recording community-based activities, and recognizing excellence
  • Document and publish the impact of MTSU's community partnerships
  • Maintain the University’s elective Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement
  • Represent the Division of Academic Affairs in University-wide partnership activities

Participate in administrative oversight of University partnership activities to ensure coordination, facilitate communication, and monitor outcomes