Frequently Asked Questions

When will I move in for the Freshmen Summer Institute (FSI)/Scholars Academy?

  • The move in date for Summer 2024 is Sunday, August 11th.  Move in times is based by last name and will begin at 10:00 am. 2024 move in schedule will be added here.
  • Scholars will move into their dorm that is assigned to them for the Fall semester.  If you have an assigned roommate in Scholars you will room with them.  If your roomate is not a part of Scholars they will move in after the Freshmen Summer Institute.
  • Please make sure housing arrangements are made with Housing Office prior to June 25th to ensure availability. 
  • Scholars are requireed to select one of the following dorms for Fall 2024:  Corlew Hall, Cummings Hall, or Smith Hall.

Can I move in at another time other than the time I am scheduled to move in?

The approach to move-in was developed to decrease traffic and increase ease of movement. It is important that the schedule is adhered to otherwise there will be too many people moving in at the same time. That being said, please email if you MUST move in at a different time than the schedule allows.

What should I bring with me?

You will move in just as you would for the first day of school.  The Housing Office has a list of items to bring

Is it required to register for a Scholars Academy section of UNIV 1010 for the fall semester?

 Yes, UNIV 1010 is a course developed to aid in the transition of high school to college.  Study skills, test taking strategies, and time-management skills will be covered during the course.  The subject matter taught is vital to academic success, thus this is non-negotiable. UNIV 1010 is a requirement for the Scholars Academy.

Will my meal plan be charged for the Scholars Academy?

No. We will load your MTSU ID so that you will be able to swipe-in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Do I have to live on campus to participate in the Scholars Academy?

No, you don't have to live on campus.  As a commuter you will be required to arrive on campus between 7:30 am and 8:30 am for Breakfast.  You will wrap up your day between 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm. 

I need to register for the Scholars Academy section of UNIV 1010.  How do I do so?

The Scholars Academy sections of UNIV 1010 are visible on Pipeline.  You must register for courses based on the college of your major.  Scholars Academy sections are 060 - 066, H30 and H31.  There are three prescribed (K60 - K62) sections.  Please email if you need to register.  A permit is required to enroll in the course.

If you have the CRNs, please review registration steps below.  All information about registration can be found in the Registration Guides.

How to Register (Add or Drop Classes)

  1. Log in to PipelineMT, click on Registration & Student Records in the left menu.

  2. Click on Add or Drop Classes and select desired term.

  3. If it is not your assigned registration time or you have a hold, you will not be able to access this screen.

  4. On the Add or Drop Classes page, scroll down and enter your course reference numbers (CRNs) in the boxes, starting from the left. You can enter one CRN at a time or multiple. If a course requires a corequisite, both CRNs must be entered before clicking Submit Changes.

  5. Errors in your schedule will appear immediately. If needed, find an alternate section of a class to take and enter that CRN instead. Contact your advisor if you’re having trouble getting into a class you discussed taking for that semester.

  6. Read how to resolve specific registration error messages by clicking on Registration Errors—Click here for assistance. Contact the department offering the course for any needed overrides.

  7. To drop a course, scroll down to current schedule and click on drop-down arrow and choose the available Drop option. Then click on Submit Changes.

Course Prerequisites, Restrictions,and Corequisites

Some course sections require prerequisites or departmental permission before registration. If prerequisite exception is being requested or departmental permission is needed, contact the academic department for permission/permit; if a permit is issued by the department then the student must access PipelineMT to register.

If a class requires a corequisite (e.g., BIOL 1030 and 1031), click on the Display Corequisites link at the bottom of theLook Up Classes or Add or Drop page. You may also accessDisplay Corequisites from the Registration box.

To View Your Schedule

  1. Log in to PipelineMT, click on Registration & Student Records in the left menu.
  2. Click on Schedule (Grid Format).
  3. Select a term and Submit.
  4. NOTE: You can also view the Schedule (Detailed, Including Waitlists and Drops) for more information about your classes and to find your spot on the waitlist. View theSchedule (Week at a Glance) to view how your weekly classes look in a calendar format.


What is the move in date and time for Fall 2024?

The move in date is Sunday, August 11th.  Scholars are assigned specific move in times based on their last names.  An updated schedule will be added here.

What is the schedule for the Scholars Academy Freshmen Summer Institute?

Agendas for the Scholars Academy Freshmen Summer Institute will be emailed to students' mtmail account in late July.  Scholars will be required to eat breakfast between 7:30 am and 8:30 am, and will wrap up their day between 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm.  Activities are everyday including weekends.   

Do I have to attend every activity?

Yes. FSI prides itself as a full-participation academic and social integration program that will only benefit you if you spend the majority of your time with us. The only exceptions made will be for family emergencies or health reasons. 

If you have any questions about this policy, please e-mail with your concerns.

Can I have other outside commitments during FSI?

No. If you decide to participate in FSI, you must commit your time to the program. The FSI schedule is very full, and will not allow you enough time to have large outside commitments. Although we cannot offer you any monetary compensation, we do not charge for housing, instruction costs, or meals. Few exceptions are made for those commuters who have pre-existing jobs.

If I participate in FSI, does that mean I continue to work with Scholars Academy my entire college career?

Fortunately for you, yes. Scholars Academy is a dynamic four-year program that begins with the two-week early arrival component in August and continues throughout the matriculation of the student.

Why should I consider participating in FSI?

Here are a few good reasons why you should consider attending our program:

  • You will make life-long relationships with other college students before the academic year starts.
  • You will establish a network of faculty, staff, and peers in a supportive environment.
  • You will become familiar with and gain greater exposure to various campus offices and departments. Which leads to a greater sense of confidence amongst Scholars students.
  • You become part of a program that boasts an average retention rate of nearly 84%.
  • During the program, you will enjoy a field trip, a movie night, a talent show, cultural programs, and many other opportunities for recreation. You will also have time to just relax and enjoy the campus with your friends.

It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

When will my student get his/her parking permit if they are participants in the Freshmen Summer Institute (Scholars Academy)?

Students will get their parking permits as a part of the program.  Students are not ticketed while classes are not in session.  It will be a part of the Freshmen Summer Institute (Scholars Academy) schedule for students to get their parking permits toward the end of the week.  Students will be guided by a peer mentor on their assigned day to go get the permit. 











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