Essay Contest

2023 Summer Reading Essay Contest
Two winners will receive one $500 Scholarship each
(one Rutherford County high school student and one MTSU incoming freshman or transfer)

All first year students (freshman and transfer) are eligible to submit essays. Essays will be read and evaluated by members of the MTSU faculty and staff. 

ESSAY TOPIC: How has reading Life Is in the Transitions changed the way you think or feel about the transition you face in the next year?


Essay Length: maximum of 1,000 words

Formatting: double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12pt. Times New Roman


Cover Page: All entries must have a cover sheet that includes your name and essay title.

MTSU students: Include M number, MTSU email, and phone number

RUCO students: Include high school, senior English teacher, email, and phone number

Essay: Judging is anonymous, so do not include your name anywhere in your essay. Only include your name on the cover page.

Originality: Your submission must be an entirely original piece of writing. 

Deadline: All entries must be submitted by AUGUST 1, 2023, to with "Life Is in the Transitions" in the subject line.