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"Life Is in the Transitions: Mastering Change at Any Age"

  • “One of those books that’s so profoundly aligned with the zeitgeist that you end up underlining the whole book. . . . Bruce Feiler is the perfect person to lead us on this journey.” -Arianna Huffington, Thrive Global 
  • In Life Is in the Transitions, Bruce Feiler listens to, synthesizes, and helps make meaning of the American story at this complicated moment. With a big, open heart, he helps us all better understand our own stories, what it means to be human and how to navigate challenges and change. Along the way, he powerfully reminds us of the singular importance of honoring each other’s stories and lives through listening.” - Dave Isay, founder, Storycorps
  • This highly recommended title couldn’t be more timely. . . . Feiler details a model for life transitions based on thousands of interviews with people from all walks of life and tells readers how to memorialize changes and give up old mind-sets. A helpful bonus is the complete outline for writing one’s own story or that of others. - Library Journal
  • An engaging consideration of how people navigate the highs and lows in their lives . . . [Feiler’s] relaxed, informal style is reassuring, and the numerous anecdotes gleaned from his wide variety of interview subjects keep the narrative fresh. His encouraging counsel will appeal to many. – Booklist
  • Feiler offers in this insightful work timely suggestions for anyone adapting to significant life changes.. – Publishers Weekly
  • An unusual self-help book, of particular use to those contemplating writing a memoir or otherwise revisiting their past. – Kirkus Reviews