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The Tennessee Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Center (TSEC) is a research and outreach arm of MTSU, aimed at improving K-20 STEM education both locally and nationally.  TSEC partners with internal and external stakeholders to identify and address critical issues that impact access, equity, innovation, and leadership through collaborative activities, sponsored projects, and dissemination products at professional meetings and in practitioner and research journals. TSEC currently sponsors several high-profile annual events including the STEM Education Research Conference, the STEM Expo, and Posters at the Capitol, and invites the MTSU community to fulfill and refine the TSEC mission and vision through its involvement in existing programming or by initiating a conversation with us about how to better serve our constituencies.   

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The Tennessee STEM Education Center (TSEC) aims to serve as a model of expertise and leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education through growth of internal and external research initiatives, fostering of partnerships, and expansion of educational programs. TSEC seeks to partner with stakeholders invested in STEM education to achieve a position of local and national prominence.


  • Encourage and promote the development of quality undergraduate and graduate programs in STEM education.
  • Provide collaboration and support for STEM education projects, grants, and research.
  • Broaden engagement of students and educators in STEM to provide communities with a skilled and STEM-literate workforce.
  • Influence local, state, and national policies related to K-20 STEM education.
  • Facilitate quality STEM opportunities for students and teachers through ongoing workshops, camps, institutes, and outreach events.

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