Watershed Groups

Contact information for these groups often changes and every effort is made to keep information current.

If you know of a change that needs to be made, or a group that needs to be included, please contact us for revisions.

Bear Creek

Contact Address: Scott County SCD, PO Box 4675
Oneida, Tennessee 37841-4675
Contact Phone: 423-623-7650
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: None Provided

Boone Watershed Partnership

Contact: Gary Barrigar
Contact Address: 708 Allen Ave.
Elizabethton, TN 37643
Contact Phone: (423) 543-7576
Contact Email: barrigargn@earthlink.net
URL: http://boonewatershed.org/
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 30; 750 members

Buffalo Creek Watershed Alliance

Contact: Gary Barrigar
Contact Address: 708 Allen Avenue
Elizabethton, TN 37643
Contact Phone: (423) 543-7547
Contact Email: barrigargn@earthlink.net
Activity: Meetings are every other month. Activities include stream monitoring, litter collections and stream restoration.
Number of Volunteers: 30

Caney Fork Watershed Association (CFWA)

Contact: John Harwood
Contact Address: CFWA, P.O. Box 165, Cookeville, TN 38503
Contact Phone: (931) 528-6395
Contact Email: cfwa@blomand.net
Activity: Public Education; Public Service; Watershed Research
Description: CFWA is a member organization of the Cumberland River Compact. We host public meetings, sponsor watershed education field days & stream cleanups, provide a web-based watershed recreation site map, and engage in research to promote the health of the Caney Fork Watershed. Find out more at our website. Care for your watershed, for water is life.
Number of Volunteers: 25

Carter Martin Whitewater Club

Contact Address: SPO 1269, University of the South
Sewanee, Tennessee 37375
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council

Chickamauga-Hiwassee Watershed Team

Contact: Linda B. Harris
Contact Address: 1101 Market Street, PSC-1E
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402-2801
Contact Phone: (423) 876-4178
Contact Email: lbharris@tva.gov
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council

Chota Canoe Club

Contact: David Tate or Current Conservation Officer
Contact Address: PO Box 8270, University Station
Knoxville, Tennessee 37916
Contact Email: chota@korrnet.org
URL: http://www.korrnet.org/chota
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: Whitewater Paddling club of over 300 members, active in river conservation.
Number of Volunteers: varies

Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Contact: Carol Moore
Contact Address: 3502 Overlook Circle
Knoxville, Tennessee 37909
Contact Phone: 865-584-0344
Contact Email: clmoore@geoe.com
URL: www.crctu.com
Activity: The Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited focuses its programs and projects on protecting and enhancing the Clinch River tail water and its watershed. The watershed upstream from Norris Dam, which extends well into Southwestern Virginia, consists of almost 3,000 square miles. The watershed area from the dam to the Highway 61 Bridge, approximately 68 square miles (43,520 acres), is comprised of three sub watersheds: Coal Creek, Cane Creek, and Clear Creek. Coal Creek is the larges and is approximately 35 square miles in area extent.
Description: The Clinch River Chapter is involved in numerous activities including working with the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation in a long-term effort to not only improve the biological integrity of the 35 square mile watershed but also to improve the quality of life for watershed residents. Coal Creek watershed has a fascinating history dating back to the 18th century and suffers from the socio-economic problems typically found in rural Appalachian coalfield communities. For more details on this significant project go to the following website: www.coalcreekaml.comOther Chapter projects include shoreline/bank stabilization demonstrations, youth environmental education activities, water quality studies, trout food habits studies, aquatic macro invertebrate studies, and annual river cleanups.
Number of Volunteers: Approximately 100 members

Clinch River Project

Contact: Michael L. Graham
Contact Address: 110 North Hicks Street
Clinton, Tennessee 37716
Contact Phone: 423-457-3451
Contact Email: Mgraham@acs.ac
URL: Under construction
Activity: Volunteer Monitoring
Description: The Clinch River Project is involved with three streams. The first is an impact study involving the effect of our local high school and an apartment complex on the overall biotic health of an adjoining stream. The second stream project involves benthic macroinvertebrate analysis, flow rates, chemical analysis, and a cold water aquaculture system, which results in the increased overall trout population on a protected trout stream, ( Clear Creek). The third stream project is a restoration of a ...MORE...
Number of Volunteers: 650

Coal Creek Watershed Foundation, Inc.

Contact: Carol Moore
Contact Address: 3502 Overlook Circle
Knoxville, Tennessee 37909
Contact Phone: 865-584-0344
Contact Email: clmoore@geoe.com
URL: www.coalcreekaml.com
Activity: Projects with water quality, bank stabilization, flood prevention, Coal Creek Scholars program to encourage first generation college attendance, health and dental care, promote the rich coal mining history of the Coal Creek area to promote history, tourism and economic development, community restoration.
Description/Mission: To improve the quality of life in the Coal Creek Watershed.
Number of Volunteers: Several hundred have volunteered since the inception in 2000.

Conasauga River Alliance

Contact: Frank Sagona, Watershed Director
Contact Address: 125 Red Bud Road N.E.,Suite 7
Calhoun, Georgia 30701
Contact Phone: (706) 625-7044
Contact Email: franksagona@hotmail.com or fjsagona@aol.com
URL: http://www.conasaugariver.net
Activity: BMP implementation; education and outreach; fund-raising; cleanups; workshops; water quality monitoring
Description: The Alliance is a bi-state GA & TN non-profit watershed organization working to protect and improve the Conasauga River. the Conasauga is one of the few remaining biologically rich headwater streams in the southeast U.S. with 72 species of fish (including endangered darters), numerous endangered mussels, and many sensitive macroinvertebrates. The Conasauga supports and supplies water to the carpet industry in Dalton, GA. the river is 90 miles long and part of the Mobile Bay drainage. The watershed is primarily national forest lands on the upper end, with an agricultural-rural mid-section, and urban-suburban-industrial lower end.
Number of Volunteers: 25-member standing board (appointed volunteers) from TN and GA; 100-300 volunteers per year for activities.

Cub Creek Watershed District

Contact: Thomas Bolden
Contact Address: 1720 Maxwell Rd.
Bolivar, Tennessee 38008
Contact Phone: (901) 376-8821
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 3 members

Cumberland Coalition

Contact: Pam Wolfe
Contact Address: 612 River Ridge Ct
Nashville, Tennessee 37221
Contact Phone: 615-269-5461
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council

Cumberland River Compact

Contact: Margot Farnsworth, Executive Director
Contact Address: P.O. Box 41721
Nashville, Tennessee 37204
Contact Phone: 615-837-1151
Contact Email: info@cumberlandcompact.org
URL: http://cumberlandrivercompact.org/
Activity: Education Project/Program
Description: Mission: To enhance the water quality of the Cumberland River and its tributaries through education and by promoting cooperation among citizens, businesses, and agencies in Kentucky and Tennessee.
Number of Volunteers: about 100

Del Rio Elementary School

Contact: Sandy Adams
Contact Address: 500 South Highway 107
Del Rio, Tennessee 37727
Contact Phone: 423-487-5570
Contact Email: adamss@mail.cocke.k12.tn.us
Activity: Education Project/Program
Description: A newly started project, students have been testing the water for dissolved oxygen and pH weekly, as well as studying stream quality through organisms present. Students have been involved in the clean up and development of a plot of land belonging to the school district, located across from the school. The community is working diligently to develop this 8 acres into a Nature Center. We are presently in the planning stage of landscaping the area near the creek so that we can more easily access i ...MORE...
Number of Volunteers: approximately 30 at present (not including school members)

Duck River Opportunities Project (DROP), Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association (TSRA)

Contact: McFadden, John
Contact Address: One Vantage Way
Nashville, Tennessee 37228
Contact Phone: 615-248-6500
Contact Email: john@tectn.org
URL: http://paddletsra.org/, http://www.tectn.org/display_headline.php?id=55
Activity:Restoration/Conservation Project
Description: The Duck River Opportunities (DROP) began in December of 1999 with the intent to identify and abate nonpoint source (NPS) water pollution in the Duck River watershed. DROP then formed a partnership with GM-Spring Hill and began working with the Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN) to educate young people about the importance of water quality in our streams and how civic action can have a positive effect to improve local streams. DROP works in school classrooms and out in the creeks with young people and mentors from GM, gathering water quality data (aquatic insects (benthic macroinvertebrates), chemistry and habitat characteristics) and looking for ways young people can take local civic action to improve their local streams and rivers. DROP is also working with local communities to try to establish a citizen-led watershed conservation group in the Duck River watershed. Other DROP activities include working in the Rutherford Creek watershed with individual landowners to implement Best Management Practices to help improve water quality and working with the community to develop a watershed restoration plan.
Number of Volunteers: ~20

Elizabethton High School Ecology Club

Contact: Gary Barriger
Contact Address: 907 West E Street
Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643
Contact Phone: (423) 547-8015
Contact Email: barrigarg@ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us  
Activity: Education Project/Program, Restoration/Conservation Project
Description: Many of the club's efforts have been concentrated on our adopted watersheds of two streams: Buffalo Creek and the Doe River. Each May the club participates in the Annual Watauga River Clean-up sponsored by Trout Unlimited. After the Doe River flood in 1998, the Ecology Club helped with the clean-up. We also helped with stream bank restoration by planting trees. Club members utilize digital test kits to test for chemical parameters on a monthly basis. We also test for fecal coliform bacteria a ...MORE...
Number of Volunteers: 25

EPA Watershed Academy

URL: http://www.epa.gov/owow/watershed/wacademy

Fayette County Water Education Team

Contact: Thomas Embrey; Ellen Williams
Contact Address: c/o Lene Harris, Secondary Supervisor Fayette County Schools, P.O. Box 9
Somerville, Tennessee 38068-0009
Contact Phone: 901 465-5262
Activity: Volunteer Monitoring
Description: Fayette County Water Education Team teaches students to conduct physical and chemical tests and to search for biological specimens.
Number of Volunteers: 0

French Broad Riverkeeper

Contact: Phillip Gibson
Contact Address: 170 Lyman Street
Asheville, North Carolina
Contact Phone: 828.252.8474 ext 114
Contact Email: phillip@riverlink.org
URL: http://www.riverlink.org
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: To protect and improve the French Broad River watershed as a place to work, live, and play. Tennessee counties include Blount, Greene, Sevier, Jefferson, and Cocke.
Number of Volunteers: 200+

Friends of Our Rivers and Streams

Contact: Nikki Cooper
Contact Address: PO Box 139
Hampton, Tennessee 37658
Contact Email: trash@preferred.com
Activity: Volunteer Monitoring
Description: to investigate pollution in and near the Laurel Fork Creek and to forecast where flood damage will occur to avoid the building of levees
Number of Volunteers: depends on project, working in the school system

Friends of South Fork Holston River

Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 25 members

Friends of the Tennessee River

Contact: June Crews
Contact Address: 1174 North Shore Drive
Florence, Alabama 35634
Contact Phone: 205-757-2430
Contact Email: rjcrews@HiWAAY.net
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: A group of citizens working together to promote the health of the Tennessee Valley population through promoting the health of the Tennessee River.
Number of Volunteers: 10

Garner Lake Association

Contact: Dr Gerrit L Verschuur
Contact Address: 4125 Yellow Cedar Cv
Lakeland, Tennessee 38002
Contact Phone: 901-372-5932
Contact Email: gverschr@latte.memphis.edu
URL: http://www.garnerlake.com/informationaboutgla.html

Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: Lake Association.
Number of Volunteers: 226

Harpeth River Watershed Association

Contact: Dorene Bolze, Exec. Dir.
Contact Address: P.O. Box 1127
Franklin, TN 37065
Contact Phone: (615) 790-9767
Contact Email: hrwa@harpethriver.org
URL: http://www.harpethriver.org/
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: The Harpeth River Watershed Assoc. (HRWA) is dedicated to protecting and restoring the ecological health of the Harpeth River. Our work leverages the scientific and technical training and experience of our staff and advisors with the efforts of a diverse corps of volunteers. About one-third of the Harpeth River watershed is located in one of the fastest growing regions in the country - Williamson County, TN. The HRWA's efforts include collaborating with developers to improve development, road design and land use planning, working for more effective erosion control, encouraging infiltration stormwater management design, improving stream buffers, and similar on-the-ground and long-term solutions that everyone from a homeowner to a planning commissioner can implement. Using specially trained volunteers , we have completed a Visual Stream Assessment of 217 sites on 303(d) listed streams within the watershed. We have completed a Dissolved Oxygen study of the Harpeth River, as well as a Sediment Study conducted on the first flush of rising stream flows during storm events. We are currently conducting a Streambank Erosion Study to determine how much streambank property is being lost to erosion. And we have implemented a River Restoration Program to physically restore and stabilize eroding banks in neighborhoods, parks, farms and on private property around the Harpeth.
Number of Volunteers: 80 - Volunteer River Restoration Corps; 300 members

The Hatchie River Project

Contact: Alex Wyss
Contact Address: 48 South Washington St.
Brownsville, Tennessee 38012
Contact Phone: 901.772.7061
Contact Email: awyss@tnc.org
Activity:Restoration/Conservation Project
Description: The Nature Conservancy initiated a community-based conservation effort within the Hatchie River watershed in 1999. The vision of the project is to work with public and private partners to provide sustainable natural resource practices and management within the Hatchie watershed which will promote economic, cultural, and natural diversity.
Number of Volunteers: 10

Haywood Waterways Association

President: Dave Dudek 828-627-4564
Contact: Ron Moser, HWA Director
Contact Address: PO Box 389
Waynesville, NC 28786
Contact Phone: 828-456-5195
URL: http://www.haywoodwaterways.org/
Activity: Monitoring/Education/Greenway Efforts/Grants to address nonpoint pollution problems
Description: Haywood Waterways Association (HWA) became a non-profit, member corporation on September 23, 1998, and received its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service on January 29, 1999. HWA continues to grow and enhance its local impact. We have also formed partnerships that have resulted in very effective conservation projects and programs. With grant assistance, membership dues and donations, we have hired a Director, Project Manager and a Sediment Monitoring Technician. They assist HWA and other organizations in developing water quality projects, writing grant proposals to fund them and fulfilling grant requirements. They also provide support for the HWA committees. These committees provide opportunities for direct citizen involvement. Together we provide opportunities for everyone to get involved in work worth doing.
Number of Volunteers: 100+

Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition, Inc

Contact: Callie Dobson, Executive Director
Contact Address: 87 Upper Peachtree Road, Murphy, NC 28906
Contact Phone: 828-837-5414
Contact Email: hrwcoalition@brmemc.net
URL: http://www.hrwc.net/
Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: HRWC was formally organized in 1996 as a nonprofit organization that works to facilitate water quality improvements through study, education, volunteer monitoring and voluntary restoration programs in the Hiwassee River watershed above Apalachia dam, within Towns and Union counties in Georgia and Cherokee and Clay counties in North Carolina. See our website for more information!
Number of Volunteers: 40 volunteers, 125 members

Holston River Watershed Alliance

Contact: Leisa Jenkins, Executive Director of Kingsport Tomorrow
Contact Address: 214 Commerce Street, Suite 103, Kingsport, TN 37660
Contact Phone: 423-246-2017
Contact Email: staff@kingsporttomorrow.org
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: We are working to improve the environmental quality, enhance the economic vitality and increase our enjoyment of water resources in the Holston River watershed. In this way, we are advancing our community's shared Vision 2017 goals for environmental excellence, preservation of natural resources, quality jobs, positive image of our community and high quality of life for all citizens.
Number of Volunteers: Approximately 35 members

Izaak Walton League

Contact Address: Alicia Kelly, 563 Mellen Rd.
Knoxville, TN 37919
Contact Phone: (865) 523-6650
Contact Email: alicia@tnike.com
Activity: Conservation Organization
Description: The Izaak Walton League (IWL) is a diverse group of 50,000 men and women dedicated to protecting our nation's soil, air, woods, waters and wildlife. The IWL hasone major goal: to protect and use sustainably America's rich resources to ensure a high quality of life for all people, now and in the future.

Jennings Creek Watershed District

Contact: Charlie Hix
Contact Address: 757C S. Grundy Quarles Hwy.
Gainesboro, Tennessee 38562
Contact Phone: (931) 268-0313
Contact Email: pdixon@tn.nrcs.usda.gov
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 10 members

Johnson County Stream Watch

Contact: Doug Taylor
Contact Address: 2010 Highway 67W
Mountain City, Tennessee 37683
Contact Phone: (423) 727-4181
Contact Email: admin@tntoutdoors.com
Activity: Restoration/Conservation Project

Johnson Creek Watershed District

Contact: Mike Pearson
Contact Address: 99 Fountain Place
Jackson, Tennessee 38305
Contact Phone: (865) 664-0934
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 5 members

Keep Fayetteville/Lincoln County Beautiful, Inc.

Contact: Gail Randolph, Director
Contact Address: P.O. Box 515
208 S. Elk Ave
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
Contact Phone: (931) 433-8208
Contact Email: LCTNrecycles@yahoo.com 
Activity: Education Project
Description: The mission of the Friends of Elk River is to improve and protect the natural resources of the Elk River through the cooperative efforts of local government, businesses, organizations, state and federal agencies, and the general citizens.
Number of Volunteers: 36

Knoxville Water Quality Forum - Knox Co. Adopt-A-Watershed Program

Contact: Tim Gangaware; Ruth Anne Hanahan
Contact Address: 600 Henley St. Water Resources Research Ctr. U.T. Conference Center Bldg., Suite 311
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-4134
Contact Phone: 423 974-2151
Contact Email: gangwrrc@utk.edu
Activity: Volunteer Monitoring
Description: Adopt-A-Watershed is a school-system-based monitoring program which integrates monitoring and related activities into the science curriculum at the middle and high school levels. Our program also includes action projects to improve the environmental health of the watershed.
Number of Volunteers: 20

Knox Land and Water Conservancy

Contact Address: Ijams Nature Center, P.O. Box 2601
Knoxville, Tennessee 37901
Contact Phone: (423) 974-4777
Contact Email: gangwrrc@utk.edu
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 10; 25 members

Little River Watershed Association

Contact: Kim Raia, LRWA President
Contact Address: 1006 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway, Maryville, TN 37804
Contact Phone:  (865) 980-2130 
Contact Email:  snaildarter@littleriverwatershed.org
URL: http://www.ltwa.org/
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council 
Description: The Little River Watershed Association (LRWA) is a grassroots nonprofit organization formed through community meetings with business and citizen input. The mission of the LRWA is to protect, preserve and enhance the Little River and its tributaries through mobilizing public support, building public awareness, and supporting best management practices. 
Number of Volunteers: 500

Little Tennessee Watershed Association

Contact: Chris Fitzpatrick
Contact Address: 197 Thomas Heights Road
Franklin, North Carolina 28734
Contact Phone: 828 369-6402; 828369-5347 (fax)
Contact Email: chrisfitz@itwa.org
URL: http://www.littletennesseewatershed.org
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: Little Tennessee Watershed Association protects and restores water quality in the Upper Little Tn watershed. We partner with the Macon Soil and Water Conservation District to offer streambank stabilization and restoration to local landowners, and conduct Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI) fish sampling throughout the basin. Current goals include alternative futures analysis for the watershed.
Number of Volunteers: 200; 100 members

Lower Tennessee River

Contact: Bob Johnson
Contact Address: 201 E College St
Mayfield, Kentucky 42025
Contact Phone: 502-251-0061
Contact Email: rjohnson@apex.net
URL: http://www.tn.gov/environment/watersheds/three/lowertn/
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: FY97 EQIP proposals funded by the USDA for $713,000, NRCS for ag BMPs; Community Rivers and Streams grant for planning litter cleanup and greenway development; EPA 319 grant for construction BMP workshop; baseline bio-assessment completed; boat and sewage pumpout program.

McNairy - Cypress Creek Watershed

Contact: Mike Smith
Contact Address: 170 West Court Ave.
Selmer, Tennessee 38375
Contact Phone: (901) 645-3472
Contact Email: exec.mikesmith@hotmail.com
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 21 members

Meridian Creek Watershed District

Contact: Bob Hayes
Contact Address: 605 Airways Blvd.
Jackson, Tennessee 38301
Contact Phone: (423) 425-4750
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 5 members

Mid-Cumberland Watershed Committee

Contact: Art Newby
Contact Phone: (615) 642-1406
Contact Email: art.newby@cte.aecom.com

URL: http://www.cumberlandrivercompact.org/programs_watersheds_mcwa.shtml
Mission Statement:
The mission of the Mid-Cumberland Watershed Committee is to stimulate improved water quality in this watershed by education, public activities and the collection and development of information pertinent to our watershed.
Number of Volunteers:

Middle Fork Holston River Water Quality

Contact: Rex Greer
Contact Address: P.O. Box 260
Atkins, Virginia 24311
Contact Phone: (276) 783-5295
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 25; 25 members

Middle Nolichucky Watershed Alliance

President: Dan Barnett  
 Dan Barnett 
Contact Address: 917 Erwin Hwy, Greeneville, TN 37743 
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 145, Greenville, TN 37744
Contact Phone: (423) 787-7914 
Contact Email: 

Activity: Restoration/Conservation/Education Projects
Mission Statement: The Middle Nolichucky Watershed Alliance (MNWA) is a citizen-created nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides a structured, dedicated framework for constructive, pro-active citizen involvement and support in conserving and protecting water quality in the Greene County area. MNWA's work is supported through a combination of partnerships and grants from local, state and federal agencies and volunteer services. Our current efforts are focused in Little Chucky Creek which drains directly into the Nolichucky and currently holds the rarest fish in the southeastern US (Chucky Madtom) along with an endangered mussel (Cumberland Bean).
Number of Volunteers:

Mud Creek Restoration Council

Contact: Diane Silver (Project Coordinator)
Contact Address: NC Cooperative Extension Service Henderson County Center
740 Glover Street Hendersonville, NC 28792
Contact Phone: 828-687-4891
URL: http://henderson.ces.ncsu.edu/content/MudCreekWatershedRestorationProject-CouncilMembers&source=henderson
Activity: Monitoring/Education/Greenway Efforts/Grants to address nonpoint pollution problems
Description: The Mud Creek Watershed Restoration Council is a group of local, state and Federal governments and agencies, businesses, non-profit organizations, and other institutions and interested citizens working to promote the ecological health of the Mud Creek Watershed in Henderson County, NC. Groups participating in the Council are listed below. The participation of many entities ensures that local stakeholders within the community had and continue to have input in the development of the Watershed Restoration Plan for Mud Creek.
Number of Volunteers: 100

Muddy Creek Watershed District

Contact: Vernon Henderson
Contact Address: 705 South Main
Middleton, Tennessee 38052
Contact Phone: (901) 376-0673
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 5 members

Mulberry, Blackwater, Big War, Richardson & Panther Crk, Middle & Upper Clinch Rivers

Contact: Albert Scearce
Contact Address: Rt 3 Box 3820
Bean Station, Tennessee 37708
Contact Phone: 423-767-2133
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: Active for 6 years with numerous cleanups, education efforts, monitoring activities, and advocacy roles to credit.

National Park Service, Obed Wild and Scenic River

Contact: Steve Bakaletz
Contact Address: 4564 Leatherwood Rd.
Oneida, Tennessee 37841
Contact Phone: (423) 569-2404 ext. 246
Contact Email: steve_bakaletz@mps.gov
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 10; 10 members

Nature Conservancy - Tennessee Field Office

Contact: Andrew Walker
Contact Address: 50 Vantage Way #250
Nashville, Tennessee 37228
Contact Phone: 615-298-3111
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council

Nature Volunteer Care

Contact: (Ernie) Ernest Wayne May
Contact Address: 109 Catfish Lane
Tullahoma, Tennessee 37388
Contact Phone: 931-455-5968
Contact Email: naturevolunteercare@yahoo.com
Activity: Restoration/Conservation Project
Description: Purpose- to voluntarily care for nature sights (lakes,rivers,creeks and springs), study, clean, care/manage nature sights year around.
Number of Volunteers: From 1-me to 15 or more seasonally

North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy

Contact: Susan Bryant
Contact Address: P.O. Box 358
Hixson, TN 37343
Contact Phone: (423) 842-1163
Contact Email: Susan@NorthChick.org
URL: http://northchick.org/
Activity: Restoration/Conservation Project
Description: The North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy (NCCC) is a citizen-created nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides a structured, dedicated framework for constructive, pro-active citizen involvement and support in conserving the significant natural, historic,and cultural resources located within and near the watershed area of North Chickamauga Creek. NCCC's work is supported through a combination of grants from local and national foundations and contributions and volunteer services from suppor ...MORE...

North Fork Forked Deer Watershed

Contact: Craig C. Ellis
Contact Address: 1252 Manufacturers Row
Trenton, Tennessee 38382
Contact Phone: (901) 855-0023 ext. 3
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 9 members

North Mouse Creek and Spring Creek Watershed District

Contact: Jerry Flatt
Contact Address: P.O. Box 3065
Riceville, Tennessee 37370
Contact Phone: (423) 336-5400
Contact Email: flattjerry@aol.com
Activity: Other
Description: Enhance & maintain ecological integrity, and meet or exceed criteria for our stream's designated uses.
Number of Volunteers: 10

Obed Watershed Community Association

Contact: Louise Gorenflo
Contact Address: 185 Hood Drive
Crossville, TN 38555
Contact Phone: 931-484-2633
Contact Email: lgorenflo@gmail.com
URL: None
Activity: Community Education and Research
Description: The purpose of OWCA is to protect and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the watersheds of the Obed River and its tributaries within Cumberland county, TN through community education, creating opportunities for community research projects, and promoting conservation, recreation and best management practices. OWCA projects include offering community educational opportunities, a community visioning process (2020 Vision) that will identify the community values about this watershed and ways to sustain it, watershed assessment training using Byrd Creek watershed as a study area, and volunteer researchers to assist in ongoing research projects.
Number of Volunteers: 50

Red River Watershed Association

Contact: Lindsay Bland
Contact Address: PO Box 1185
Springfield, Tennessee 37172
Contact Phone: 615-696-2526
Contact Email: Lindsay@redriverwatershed.org
URL: http://www.redriverwatershed.org/
Activity: Education Project/Program
Description: The mission of the Red River Watershed Association is to enhance and protect the quality and quantity of water in the creeks and streams of our area through activities that educate, promote community cooperation, and encourage responsible stewardship. Our mission is achieved through water quality education, stream clean-ups, stream bank restoration workshops/demonstration projects, tree plantings, alliances with government and industry, and public meetings.
Number of Volunteers: 50

Richland Creek Watershed Alliance

Contact: Monette Rebecca
Contact Address: P.O. Box 92016
Nashville, Tennessee 37209 
URL: http://richlandcreekwatershedalliance.org 
Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: RCWA is an organization created to promote environmental sustainability within the community and its watershed by reconnecting stakeholders and establishing effective programs and partnerships aimed at protecting and improving both the water quality and ecology of this watershed.
Number of Volunteers: 100+ members; 75-150 volunteers p/ year

Royal Harbour Country Club Assoc

Contact: Ralph DeCicco
Contact Address: Box 667
Ooltewah, Tennessee 37363
Contact Phone: (423) 238-5259
Contact Email: decicco@neucomm.net

Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 92 members

Save Our Buffalo River

Contact: Steven C. Schultheis
Contact Address: 8481 Indian Hills Dr.
Nashville, Tennessee 37221-
Contact Phone: 615 646-3918
Contact Email: steves@necinc.com
Activity: Volunteer Monitoring
Description: Save Our Buffalo River monitors the Buffalo River in south central Tennessee near the Natchez Trail Parkway. We take macroinvertebrate samples, remove litter, and distribute a brochure on the natural and human history of the river. We plan to revive and expand our monitoring efforts in 1998 after cleaning the previous year's tornado damage.
Number of Volunteers: 2

State Scenic Rivers Program

Contact: Reggie Reeves, Director, Division of Natural Heritage (TDEC)
Contact Phone: 615 532-0431
Contact Email: reggie.reeves@state.tn.us
Scenic Rivers Program: Since the passage of the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Act in 1968, 13 Tennessee rivers have been designated as State Scenic Rivers. The Scenic Rivers Program seeks to preserve valuable selected rivers, or sections thereof, in their free-flowing natural or scenic conditions and to protect their water quality and adjacent lands. The program seeks to preserve, within the scenic rivers system itself, several different types and examples of river areas, including mountain streams and deep gorges of east Tennessee, the pastoral rivers of middle Tennessee, and the swamp rivers of west Tennessee.

Stones River Watershed Association

Contact: Cynthia Allen, President
Contact Address: P.O. Box 2336
Murfreesboro, TN 37133
Contact Phone: 615-477-7107 
Contact Email: President@StonesWatershed.org
Website: www.StonesWatershed.org
Watershed citizens group, building consensus within the Stones River Watershed, clean-up projects, water testing, water education/outreach, recreational floats.
Description: The mission of SRWA is to protect, preserve, enhance and restore the natural resources within the Stones River Watershed.
Number of Volunteers: 25+

Swan Conservation Land Trust

Contact: Joan Thomas
Contact Address: PO Box 162
Summertown, Tennessee 38483
Contact Phone: 931-964-4525
Contact Email: swan@usit.net
Activity: Other
Description: To protect, preserve and restore wild life habitat, natural features and water quality on the Western Highland Rim of Tennessee through ownership, management, conservation easements, or other agreements, and by educating the public about conservation and land use planning. Special focus on riparian forest and waterways.
Number of Volunteers: 200

Sweetwater Creek Watershed District

Contact: August Hadorn
Contact Address: P.O. Box 65
Madisonville, Tennessee 37354
Contact Phone: (423) 442-2404 ext. 3
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Number of Volunteers: 7 members

Sweetwater High

Contact: Fred Camp
Contact Address: 414 S. High St.
Sweetwater, Tennessee 37874
Contact Phone: 423-337-7881
Contact Email: campf@ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us
Activity: Education Project/Program
Description: Monitoring Sweetwater Creek twice a year
Number of Volunteers: 100

Tennessee Clean Water Network

Contact: Renee Hoyos, Executive Director
Contact Address: 123A Gay St.
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902
Contact Phone: 1-865-522-7007, FAX 1-865-329-2422
Contact Email: renee @tcwn.org
URL: http://www.tcwn.org/
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: To promote a greater base of knowledge about clean water issues in TN, and to provide a vehicle for networking between organizations including environmental, paddling, and angler groups in order to answer tough questions, get advice, and gather needed support to ensure the protection and restoration of individual watersheds.

Tennessee Eastman Hiking & Canoeing Club

Contact Address: Eastman Employee's Center, Wilcox Drive
Kingsport, Tennessee 37662
Contact Phone: 615-229-2005
URL: http://tehcc.org/
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council

Tennessee Natural Heritage

Contact: Michael Williams
Contact Address: Division of Natural Heritage, 401 Church Street 14th Fl L&C Tower
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0447
Contact Phone: 615-532-0438
URL: http://tn.gov/environment/na/nhp.shtml
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: The Tennessee Rivers Assessment is a coalition of federal and state agencies, local development agencies, conservation groups and concerned citizens interested in Tennessee's rivers and streams. All share a commitment to understanding the biological, aesthetic, recreational and cultural river resources. The assessment uses the information to foster multi-agency watershed planning.

Tennessee River Gorge Trust

Contact: James C. Brown
Contact Address: 25 Cherokee Blvd #104
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37405
Contact Phone: 423-266-0314
Contact Email: trgt@voyageronline.com
URL: http://www.trgt.org/
Activity: Other
Description: To enrich the Chattanooga community by conservation of the Tennessee River Gorge through land protection, education and the promotion of good land stewardship; to protect the ecological diversity, scenic beauty and historic past of this nationally significant river canyon.

Tennessee Water Education Team (W.E.T.)

Contact: Laura Barr Coleman
Contact Address: East High School 3206 Poplar Ave.
Memphis, Tennessee 38111-
Contact Phone: 901 320-6160
Contact Email: laura_coleman@yahoo.com
Activity: Volunteer Monitoring
Description: Tennessee W.E.T. involves three schools (East High School in Memphis, Germantown High School in Shelby County, and Fayette-Ware High School in Fayette County) in monitoring the Wolf River. The sites represent the agricultural, suburban, and urban parts of the river.
Number of Volunteers: 20

Tennessee Wildlife Federation

Contact: Michael Butler
Contact Address: 300 Orlando Ave, Suite 200
Nashville, Tennessee 37209
Contact Phone: 615-353-1133
Contact Email: conserve.tcl@nashville.com
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: To encourage the conservation and responsible use of Tennessee's natural resources - its forests, water, air, wildlife, minerals and soil.

TVA Volunteer Monitoring

Contact: Don Dycus
Contact Address: 1101 Market Street, CST 17D
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402
Contact Phone: (423)751-7322
Contact Email: dldycus@tva.gov
Activity: Volunteer Monitoring
Description: Types of Waterbodies Monitored: streams and lakes. Type of Monitoring: physical, chemical, and biological. Approach: TVA helps establish and works with watershed groups in a number of ways, including volunteer monitoring. TVA supports volunteer monitoring efforts with equipment, expertise, and money (for equipment and coordination expenses). Also, volunteers sometimes work with hand-in-hand with TVA crews.
Number of Volunteers: Various greatly from a few volunteers serving to complete crew on a day to day basis to several hundred volunteers organizing and picking up debris. Estimated total of 35,000 hours in 1997.

Wolf River Conservancy

Contact: Keith Kirkland, Executive Director
Contact Address: PO Box 11031
Memphis, Tennessee 38111-0031
Contact Phone: 901-452-6500
Contact Email: wrc@wolfriver.org
URL: http://www.wolfriver.org/
Activity: Watershed Alliance/Council
Description: The mission of the Wolf River Conservancy is to conserve and enhance the Wolf River and its environs as a natural resource for public education and low impact recreational activities. Our ultimate goal is to establish a publicly protected greenway along the entire length of the Wolf.

Wolf River/WET Program

Contact: Victoria Johnson; Leslie McNamara
Contact Address: 7653 Old Poplar Pike
Germantown, Tennessee 38138-
Contact Phone: 901 756-2350 ext.250
Contact Email: wetwolf@bellsouth.net ; johnsonvi.ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us  
Activity: Volunteer Monitoring
Description: Wolf River/WET Program at Germantown High School monitors the Wolf River and works with East High School (Shelby County) and Fayette-Ware High School (Fayette County) on test sites spread miles apart. We have a 5-year commitment and share data with the local Park Rangers, conservation groups, university faculty and to the public through various presentation. We were one of three schools chosen in Oct.99 to give a summary of our project for Governor Don Sundquists "Tennessee Looks Good to Me" in ...MORE...
Number of Volunteers: 5