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Discover the Waters of Tennesse Booklets

Discover the Waters of Tennessee coverDiscover the Waters of Tennessee is a 16 page, full-color youth activity booklet with educational activities throughout. 

Booklets are copyrighted by Project WET and can be purchased online.

The booklet was correlated to the Tennessee Education Standards to aid use in a formal classroom setting. If you are interested in booklets, please contact us for details. The booklet was developed by MTSU's Center for Environmental Education, Project WET, and the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. Topics include understanding watersheds and stormwater runoff, geology and topography of Tennessee, waterways and their uses throughout Tennessee history, wildlife that live in the different types of water habitats, water pollution sources and solutions, understanding flooding and details about the historic flood of May 2010, water use and conservation, and highlights of special water places around Tennessee including karst/cave systems, waterfalls and a prehistoric watering hole.


We have created several brochures for public outreach and awareness. These publications were created and develped by Middle Tennessee State University's WaterWorks program and funded in part, under an agreement with the Tennesssee Department of Agriculture, Nonpoint Source Program, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Use of Print Media: Brochures

Use of WaterWorks brochures, as originally developed, is granted for non-profit use and to encourage general awareness among the public. However materials must be used as originally developed unless specific approval is granted. Since these were funded by grants, the publications cannot be used,  revised or modified without approval from MTSU WaterWorks. Please contact us directly if you have questions. 

Personalization Options

The brochures do have a blank section where you can include your local contact information. ONLY the blank page can be modified to include your local contact information. Personalization can be by printing mailing stickers or including a text with your information before printing.

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Coloring Pages

Homeowner Coloring Page

Homeowner Coloring Page


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Homeowner Education/Activity Poster

This design is intended to be printed as an 11" by 17" poster, with an educator activity, "Who Trashed the Tennessee" on the back, to help fulfill provide public education as well as a fun outreach activity.

Homeowner Brochure - FrontHomeowner Brochure - back

Water Pollution Flyer

Water Pollution Flyer


Educator Activities

Who Trashed the Tennessee?

Concept: Through an interactive story, students learn how, as human populations have increased and land uses have changed, many of our rivers have become polluted. This example demonstrates that, just as we each contribute to the problem, we must also be part of the solution.