Committee Members

The Undergraduate Admissions and Standards Committee should be composed of two (2) faculty members from each cohort; and two (2) students, preferably upper-class representatives. The Vice Provost for Academic Programs, Vice Provost for International Affairs, Associate Vice Provost for Admissions and Enrollment Services, Director of Enrollment Technical Services, Curriculum Specialist, University Registrar/Assistant Vice Provost of Registration and Student Records, and the Director of General Education will serve as ex-officio members.

Name Term College/Department
Samuel Haruna 2023-2025 CBAS/Agriculture
Vajira Manathunga, Chair 2022-2024 CBAS/Mathematical Sciences
Virginia Hemby-Grubb 2023-2025 JCOB/Marketing
Claire Cook 2023-2025 CBHS/Human Sciences
Sheri Selph 2023-2025 CLA/Art and Design 
Christoph Rosenmuller 2023-2024 CLA/History
Tammy Donham 2022-2024 CME/Recording Industry
Meredith Ann (MA) Higgs 2022-2024 UC/University Studies
Amy Aldridge Sanford   Ex Officio/Vice Provost for Academic Programs
Susan Myers-Shirk   Ex Officio/Director of General Education
Robert Summers   Ex  Officio/Vice Provost for International Affairs
Laurie Witherow   Ex Officio/Interim Vice Provost for Enrollment Services
Teresa Thomas   Ex Officio/Director of Enrollment Technical Services
Mitzi Brandon   Ex Officio/Curriculum Specialist
Tyler Henson   Ex Officio/University Registrar/Assistant Vice Provost of Registration and Student Records
Giselle Noel 2023-2024 Student
  2023-2024 Student