Dr. Paige M. Medlock

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Dr. Paige M. Medlock teaches Art Appreciation, Art Education for Teachers, and supervises
Residency I and II students in art education.
Todd Hall, Room 211


I studied art education (K-12) with an emphasis in stained glass, then taught art for nine years (preK-12, junior high, then high school). I completed a master's degree in world missions studying world religions, interested in cross-cultural dynamics, visual culture, and visual aesthetics and theological implications. I then moved to Scotland to complete a master's in visual culture with emphasis in documentary film and memorials at the University of Aberdeen, and a practice-based PhD in visual culture, creating and researching stained glass and the ways people see and internal shifts occur in thinking and acting in the world. I am originally from Kentucky and grew up in an artistic home, where I often return to work collaboratively on commissioned stained glass installations with my father. I have one son and we love adventures, creating, exploring, living, and learning.

Artistic Philosophy
Visual art creates a space where viewers can pause, reflect, and shift the way they see themselves, their context, the artwork, the artist's context, and potentially allow a new perspective to shed light on thinking and being in the world. I create stained glass installations because the materiality, placements, and the theoretical implications are unique in liminality and illumination.

TEAM Evaluator (MTSU Department of Education)

TEAM evaluator – MTSU College of Education

Mental Health First Responder Certification

Mental Health First Responder

 Stained Glass Artwork



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