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Want to get involved on campus? Join one of our student organizations! Becoming involved in Student Life will provide you with many opportunities for learning outside of the classroom, meeting people from other cultures, challenging yourself with new programs, and meeting people with similar interests. Being involved can help you meet career goals, develop organizational skills and personal interests, and enrich your sense of self-worth. Below you will find some of the student organizations associated with the Department of Art and Design. Feel free to search for other student organizations through the Student Organizations and Services website here, or stop by their office in the Student Union, Room 330, or call them at (615) 898-5812.

American Institute of Graphic Arts

The Local MTSU Chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design. We serve our community and members by hosting guest lectures from design professionals, produce workshops to further education, and exhibit juried design work in Todd Gallery.  Meetings are held usually twice a month in Todd Hall and are open to any MTSU student. Ask a graphic design professor for more information and find out how you can get involved.

National Art Education Association - Student Chapter

If you support the advocacy of Art Education in schools and believe that the arts are important for ALL individuals to learn and be shared, you are in the right place! We are a group of Art Educators and Art Education majors that are interested in furthering art education in schools, communities and everyday life. Meetings are held throughout the year and are open to any MTSU studentAsk an art education professor for more information and find out how you can get involved. 

Printer's Proof

This organization is a group dedicated to the expansive world of printmaking. They attend conferences all around the country and do group projects. Many have their concentration for Studio Art BFA in printmaking, so it is a good place to meet up to discuss current projects and get help with everything from concept to technique.  But, on that note, many are not doing this for their major. Printmakers don't discriminate; they use all sorts of materials, subjects, and techniques. It is practically an all-inclusive community. They also do t-shirt printing, vinyl printing, and always looking to expand what they do. Their organization is open to all people on campus in the arts or not! 

Tulip Poplar Press

The Tulip Poplar Press Letterpress club is a group for letterpress students to collaborate and expand their knowledge of letterpress printing and self-marketing through hands-on projects and networking.

Student Art Alliance

The SAA is dedicated to providing MTSU students with an opportunity to diversify their college experience. The Student Art Alliance provides students with increased opportunities by promoting their work, providing guest artists, organizing special events, and sponsoring trips. Meetings are held throughout the year and are open to any MTSU student. Ask your art professor for more information and find out how you can get involved.

American Democracy Project - MTSU Chapter

The American Democracy Project's goal is to produce graduates who understand and are committed to engaging in meaningful actions as citizens in a democracy. By working with students and faculty, the American Democracy Project seeks to nurture programs inside and outside the classroom that raise the levels of our campus community's engagement with the local, national, and global communities around us.

Under the auspices of the Office of the University Provost, Middle Tennessee State University has participated in this national initiative since its founding in 2003. The American Democracy Project has grown into a multi-campus initiative that seeks to create an intellectual and experiential understanding of civic engagement for undergraduates enrolled at institutions that are members of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). Currently more than 250 campuses participate in the American Democracy Project.


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