Job Opportunities

We offer two types of positions: Lab Assistants and Graduate Assistants. All positions are funded by Technology Access Fee (TAF) funds,

Becoming a student worker is a great way to gain work experience to build your resume. Working in the BAS Computer Lab gives you opportunities to gain a variety of experience and skills. We are always looking for dedicated, hard-working individuals who are willing to go the extra mile and fulfill job positions with excellence. As a graduate assistant you work to support the Jones College of Business mission.

"We need to transform our business to not just provide infrastructure services, access and support of technology. Today, IT departments at colleges and universities need to support faculty instructional and research efforts and partner with them to design new engaging ways to reach students."
W. Brent, EDTechMag, said:

 “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit!” - Aristotle 


Check out what our ex-students are saying about working at the Jones College of Business University Computer Lab.

We have two types of positions available: Lab Assistants and Graduate Assistants.

Lab Assistants                                                 

General Information

  • Must be enrolled full time (at least 12 hours) during Fall/Spring
  • Must be enrolled in at least 3 hours during at least one Summer session
  • Must participate in the Student Technology Assistant (STA) training program
    • Must complete Level 1 during first semester of work to continue employment
    • Optional to complete Level 2 & Level 3 to receive pay increases
  • Lab Assistants pick working hours based on seniority, however, we reserve the right to schedule lab assistants to meet the needs of the lab.
  • Lab Assistants may be scheduled to work late night hours, overnight hours and/or weekend hours. 

 Desired Qualifications

  • Dependable
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Good attitude
  • Ability to enforce lab policies
  • Ability to lift and move boxes/equipment to/from storage or offices
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office

Complete the Lab Assistant Application Form and we will contact you when a job opening becomes available.  Should you have further inquiries, please contact us.

Graduate Assistants

General Information

  • Twelve(12) month position
  • Tuition Paid
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Excellent working environment
  • Flexible Hours 
  • Start working Fall, Spring, or Summer
  • Must be a graduate student in good standing with University.

 Desired Qualifications

  • Excellent work ethic
  • Ability to:
    • plan, organize and prioritize
    • to follow directions, instructions and procedures
    • make decisions and solve problems
    • obtain, process and analyze data
    • work individually and in a team
    • lift and move boxes/equipment to/from storage or offices 
  • Highly motivated, self-starter, and team work oriented
  • Graduate assistants may be required to work a combination of day, late night hours and/or weekend hours.
  • Strong communication skills (oral and written)
  • Curious about technology, able to apply technology to solve problems, quick learner 
  • Intermediate or above technical skills (or * beginner with the ability to learn quickly*):
    • Hardware/software 
    • Configuration and troubleshooting 
    • Devices: Printers, scanners. monitors, drivers, etc
    • Windows OS and applications: installs, configuration, updates and troubleshooting
    • Apple Mac and applications
    • Networking, TCP/IP, Active Directory, and Group Policies (* recommended but not required *) 
  • It's All About Teamwork (Dam Sanker) - what we look for in our employees...
    • Growth Mindset, Intellectually Curious, Quick Learner, Passionate Learner
    • Collaborative, Communicative, Active Listener
    • Committed, Dependable, Competent, Disciplined 
    • Enthusiastic, Resilient, Flexible
    • Prepared, Intentional

Job Duties

  • Technology support all BAS Master classrooms and computer labs
  • Technology support all faculty, staff and students
  • Install, update and troubleshoot hardware and software issues
  • Provide technical support for general events at the BAS or MEC
  • Work on projects such as desktop replacements, websites, dashboards, multimedia, etc.

If you are interested, please submit the completed Graduate Application and your resume to the University Computer Lab at BAS office (BAS S137D) or email An in-person or virtual interview is required. Position is highly competitive.