About University Computer Lab

The University Computer Lab located in room S137 at the Business and Aerospace Building provides supervised computer access for students, faculty, and staff. Lab supervisors guide users in the use of equipment and software, and provide general problem-solving help. These services are primarily designed to aid users with basic computer operations.


The computer lab has 165 network-connected computers -- 89 of these computers are available to students at all times.  Each computer is equipped with the lastest Office software and a variety of other specialized applications students need to complete class assignments.

ADA Computers
We have two computers available to students with disabilities.  These computers are loaded with all of the software disabled students need to succeed.  All questions or additional software/hardware requests should be directed to Disabled Student Services.

Requesting Software
Faculty needing to make special applications available to students should contact the Lab Director. In some cases, the faculty or department needing special applications must pay licensing costs.  Please make your request a few days in advance to allow enough time to obtain and install software.

Laptop Loaners 
Students taking at least one Business course and Faculty within the College of Business have the opportunity to rent laptops directly from our computer lab.  For more information, check out our Laptop Loaner Program page.


We have six HP Laserjet printers in the main lab, and one printer in both of our demo labs.

Color Printing
Limited color printing is also available at the North and South Lab Assistant Help Desks to all lab patrons for educational purposes only.

A plotter is available to those students in the Design and Architecture classes.  Lab patrons are required to know to operate the plotter and are given no additional instructions by our Lab Assistants.


Document scanning is available at the ADA Station.

Esports and Gaming Room

The BAS S137 have 24 Dell Gaming computers for students use with 24" wide screen monitors. There are also 23 Dell academic computers. Users must switch monitor and keyboard to use with the respective computer. 

Huddle Stations

We have two huddle stations in the middle of the main lab area. Each huddle station has a large LCD screen where students can connect their laptop and/or mobile device to for presentation purposes.  

Reservable Spaces (Demo Labs and Team Study Room)

We have three lab rooms available to those requesting meeting spaces where technology is needed.  Our two demo labs (S137E and S137F) are available to all faculty and faculty sponsors only.  The Team Study Room is a 2-4 person study space available for students only.