University Computer Lab Policies


The University Computer Lab located in room S137 at the Business and Aerospace Building is for the use of currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff members. A valid MTSU ID card is required to be used (scanned) in the card readers located at each entrance to the lab during the overnight and early morning hours that the lab is open. The scanners are located right next to the main lab doors at both the north and south entrances. Anyone who enters the lab without proper identification or attempts to enter by going around the scanner will be asked to leave immediately. If the individual does not leave the lab immediately, the MTSU Police will be called. If the police are called, an officer will escort the individual out of the lab and issue a written Trespass Warning or Dean Citation for failure to obey MTSU policy.


  • Turn cell phones off or set to vibrate.
  • Keep voices low in consideration of others.
  • Set the volume low on audio devices to prevent sound bleeding from headphones or earbuds.


Food, Drink and Related Items

  • No food allowed. Drinks limited to no spill containers only.
  • Place drink containers and other trash in designated bins.
  • This is a tobacco-free building.


Safety and Security

  • No loitering. Activities that are loud, disruptive or otherwise hinder normal use of the Computer Lab by others are prohibited.
  • In case of an alarm, tornado warning or other emergency, follow instructions from Lab staff.
  • Service animals are the only animals permitted in the building.
  • Surveillance equipment may be in use. 
  • Violation of Computer Lab or University Policy will be investigated by the staff using procedures established in the Student Handbook and other publications.
  • Lab Assistants are not responsible for items left in the Computer Lab.


Computer Use Policies

  • No software can be loaded, unloaded, or copied to/from any PC without prior approval from the computer Lab Director.
  • MTSU computer lab personnel are not responsible for problems caused by computer viruses, improper use of the equipment or loss of data due to equipment malfunction or for any other reason.
  • Lab Assistants are not responsible for work left unattended at a computer.
  • Lab Assistants are not responsible for items left in the computer lab.
  • MTSU students performing research and class work have priority for computer use. Others may be asked to relinquish their computer.
  • Computer Lab staff will use their discretion in determining if computer use is appropriate during times of high demand.
  • The University‚Äôs Information Technology Resources Policy applies to all use of University Computer Lab computers. 
  • The University Computer Lab at BAS does not monitor information accessed from public computers and cannot be held accountable for the actions of individual users.
  • Observe relevant copyright laws and regulations.


Printer Policies

  • Users may be restricted on the amount and types of materials that can be printed from the Internet and other sources.
  • The University Computer Lab at BAS does not support the printing of private, personal, sensitive, or confidential information in the lab. Students who choose to print sensitive documents or information do so at their own risk and must assume responsibility for disposing of it properly. The University Computer Lab at BAS cannot be held responsible or liable for loss or theft of sensitive information.

Team Study Room

  • The team study room is reserved on a first come, first served basis.
  • Groups of two or more students have priority for use of team study room. Single users may be asked to move.
  • Specific policies and procedures apply for the Team Study Room Policy.


MTSU campus police will be called at the discretion of Computer Lab Staff.